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    I have been getting the hamodia for quite a few years but recently I am very dissappointed. Every week they feature another family or town but its is sooo boring!!! am i the only one who finds this not to be interesting?? I used to love the hamodia magazine but now im really thinking of stopping my subscription. are there people who like it better this way? I want to know before I complain.


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    Every magazine has articles I don’t love. I simply skip them. I happen to think the inyan is one of the best magazines and personally let my mishpacha and binah subscriptions lapse because the inyan is enough with the rest of the hamodia. To each his own.

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    Why do you want to know what other people think before you complain? If you don’t like something, tell them (respectfully). They want feedback.


    To answer your questions yes I enjoy these articles. It opens are eyes and minds to current out of town communities and the history to past communities.

    As the previous poster said above if you do not like it do NOT read it.

    I believe the majority of the people do enjoy reading these articles. It could be since you are young it does not relate too much to you.


    I find the articles about families and their communities interesting. What annoys me are the letters to the editor the next week complaining, “How can you write an article about such-and-such city without mentioning my Uncle Willie who was the biggest ba’al chessed in that city?”


    i dont want to complain if there are other people enjoying it. I know that around here, we buy the hamodia cuz its very clean but at the same time, most of my family agrees that it has gotten kind of boring as of late. Im happy your all still enjoying it! keep reading!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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