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    it probably wont take long until he goes off the derech completely

    Oh, please.

    I agree that a 13-year-old having unfiltered access to the internet is a bad thing. And I agree that an Ipad is probably inappropriate as a Bar Mitzvah present in general. But let’s not make things worse than they are. Exaggeration and hyperbole do not help anyone here.

    The Wolf


    my dear wolf you don’t understand! in order to stand the pull and effect of these tools of the satan, you have to live through this generation as a teenager! i havee seen this with my own chaveirim, and have personally witnessed them being pulled away from learning, and i have seen precious pearls thrown in the garbage because they thought the grass was greener on the other side.


    basically, wolf, you cant understand the effects if you havent seen them happening on a personal level. take it from me.


    Ain’t that strange that all those jewish brothers who find internet access a bad thing usually do not consider themselves bad, although they seem to have found the geihinom online themselves.

    How come they did not loose our jewish values them selves?

    – If they did not get spoiled, probably others will not as well.

    – If they did, than we should not listen to their advice as they are not competent to advize about jewish values.

    I believe that iPad and internet are as bad as printed books are bad. You can find all kinds of printed books, just as you can find any content online.

    I have got access to computers since I was 10 years old. Now, I’m 36, and still go to shacharit each morning, keep shabath, kosher and study daf yomi… and out of computers I made myself living, so I can study torrah.

    IMHO, it’s our jewish soul and the bracha we’ve got that keeps us close to HaShem, and not a distance from technology or anything else.


    I agree with modoxman18 totally. I’m a teen and got addicted to things such as ywn. What about teens that get addicted to inappropriate websites? Then what….?


    These complaints sound legit. Are you sure anyone can unlock it that easily? Also, is there a way for the boys parents to know if he does do a hard reset?



    like modoxman18 said its very easy to reset to factory settings.its possible for the parents to check and see if the password they set is still there. but why would you take a risk.its just not worth it.


    you could find out that he got passed your thing but then its probably too late and he already got onto whatever he wanted to.


    mommy613 – after all the rabbanim have said against internet, computers etc etc why would u give a 13 year old possible access to anything he wants??? i don’t know what this boy is like but if he’s determined enough he can easily break through the code – a 4 digit code is nothing! and all these gadgets waste so much time, so yes he can learn on the go with an italmud – but like peerimsameach said – they are yeshiva bochurim with an ipad and they hardly touch the talmud – unfortunately the outside world is a lot more tempting than the talmud at that age.


    p.s. not sure why you bothered starting this thread because it seems from the beginning that you were going to get the ipad because almost everyone on here suggested against it and you still got it…

    Proud Jew

    if u giva a “bar mitzva” bocher such gadgets, he can easy become a “bar aveira”


    Look, the boy isn’t technologically savvy. He’s a very good and earnest boy, and in the past, his parents tell me, he made a deal with his menahel that he could use an iPod to record his Rebbe’s Shuir if he promised to step forward and own up if he even had any ta’ava to put even one video on it.

    Sorry, but in this situation, I discussed it with the boys parents and they are ok with it. The Apple store is reserving us a iPad.

    The topic i’m asking you to comment on is good Jewish iPad (or iphone) programs. We bought iTalmud. Does anyone know of others?


    mummy613: i wish you luck with your kids if u think that a boy once he has been opened to something new and exciting will “own up if he ever had any ta’ava to put even one video on it”.- i’m not saying not to trust your kids but if a rosh yeshiva wouldn’t put himself in that situation with a nisayon i’m not sure how u can put a 13 year old into it.. – all i can say is GOOD LUCK!


    tomim tihye

    Why do you say “in the past”

    Dear Mommy 613

    Do you realize that his teenage years

    Are only just beginnin’?


    Got the iPad today. iTalmud wasn’t the highest resolution but it was amazing to use. Even i tried it. Suprisingly my mother who cannot stand to be around the family PC took interest in the iPad. I’ll keep u guys posted on future developments and our overall impressions.

    tomim tihye

    With lenses like yours, those are sure to be positive!

    Pashuteh Yid

    I personally don’t let my kids have any electronics with video capability, or to have cell phones. Until they are grown, they need guidance, and giving them the ability to download anything anytime any place, or speak to or text anybody without my knowledge can easily cause them to go astray. Yes, they get upset with me sometimes, but the overall results have been that they have not gone OTD.

    Learning and secular studies can be very interesting, but only if kids have a chance to concentrate and absorb it. If they do not concentrate because their minds are on other things and they are distracted, then of course schoolwork will seem boring.

    Of course they need entertainment, but there are plenty of opportunities for family activities that are healthy and wholesome and do not have risks associated with them.


    Not only can kids with all this access to the web go off but it’s extremely dangerous even for goyim!

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