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    bottom line i don’t care if you copied it or not, learnt it or not. but if the halacha is a certain way, you shouldn’t have the attitude of “I’m not sure i agree with that psak” who are you to agree or disagree?? and if someone points that out to you don’t take an article from on line distort it to fit your point and say look I’m right, because you’re not!!!

    Why can’t I say that *I’m* not sure of the halacha? Just because you say “everyone agrees” does not necessarily make it so. Granted, I don’t know offhand of anyone who disagrees, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility.

    But fine, you know what? The points not really worth arguing over. So here goes — EVERY POSEK IN THE WORLD SAYS IT’S OKAY TO COPY AN OUT OF PRINT SEFER.


    The Wolf



    No one likes to be disrespected for doing their jobs, including moderators. If you would like your posts to go through, please stick to the subject



    i appreciate you doing your job, but when you’re WRONG own up to it, you should/could have re posted my post.

    there is and was nothing wrong with it, no lashon hara and no foul languages, no mocking others etc…

    Every poster thinks the moderator is wrong when their own post is deleted.

    Now, which of your two posts do you think should be reposted. The one where you compared another poster to an apikoris and a liar, or the one where you criticized the moderation here. That is a rhetorical question. Neither will be undeleted.

    The discussion ends here. If you wish any further of your posts to go through, I repeat, stick to the subject and not your opinion of the moderation here.



    I usually realize something will be deleted. But more because you err on the side of caution than I think my posts are disrespectful. I don’t think you are usually wrong.




    i was going to actually start a thread on the subject, but couldn’t be bothered to do so.

    there is a thin, very thin line sometimes what should be approved and what shouldn’t be approved.

    but there is no questions we need moderators, or before you know it all the post would be short, and contain repetitive 4 letter words 🙂

    Please carry on the discussion here if you would like

    http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/mods-mods/page/12 not here

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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