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    I dropped my black ipod touch 4 and cracked the glass. It now needs a new screen. Does anyone know a store (online or brick-and-mortar) that does good repair work and guarantees it?

    Please include price info, if available.

    Thank you.


    Dec 27, 2012 8:30 AM

    Just wanted to let people know that cowboom.com is selling used ipod touch 4 32gb models for $119.99 + $5.00 shipping + tax.

    30 day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

    This is their “deal of the day”

    They’re going fast.

    Back to the original topic – does anyone have a place that does ipod repairs that they can recommend?


    There is a store on Main Street I’m Queens that fixes the iPod touch screen for $50. They do a good job. I can get the number if you are interested.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Apple store?


    Where does he live? In Brooklyn there is a place called Irepair


    same thing happened to my daughter and we had it fixed at Apple for $99 and you need to make an appt. I could not find it for less. We found places online that can send you the glass for less but then you have to know how to fix it yourself.



    Thank you. That sounds like an excellent price. I’ll speak to the ipod owner and confirm their interest before asking you for the store’s name & number.


    Thank you, but based on my internet research, Apple doesn’t always repair out-of-warranty items; they just offer a refurb replacement for a high price. When they do repair, they’re also pricey.


    Thank you. Do you know their location & price?


    Thank you, but $99 is more than the owner will pay.

    If it was my own ipod, I’d probably try the do-it-yourself fix, but since it seems difficult and complicated I don’t want to try it on someone else’s device.


    You could probably have it fixed in a local place for between $60-$80 or by a kit for much less and attempt to do it yourself. The Apple store might be a good idea if they really only charge $99, because they don’t fix it for you but give you a refurbished unit with a new battery and perfect outside. I have to point out because many are naive that unless someone else password protected the iPod, by definition the owner of the iPod has internet access…


    An Apple Store is an amazing shopping experience. HOWEVER, they are not cheap. And they aren’t interested in the repair business. Apple products break far less than those of their competitors. But when they do break, good luck! Not much help there.


    I got my ipod touch from bestbuy and bought a 2 yr insurance policy with it. The ipod cracked, so i brought it back and they gave me a new one for free!!


    In Brooklyn its called Irepair small store near vos iz neis news candy store etc…. i think he fixes for like 60 or less thank u wish u good luck!!


    When the screen cracked on my ipod i took it to a small chinese electronics store in Bensonhurst on Ave O & W 7th St. They fixed it right away for $45.



    Let me look into the Brooklyn-based shop first.

    Thanks again for your help – I may still ask you for the Queens shop’s info.


    You’re correct that the ipod touch can access the internet thru wifi, however this person doesn’t have internet access (I can’t go into detail).


    I don’t know where “Irepair” or the “vos iz neis news candy store” are, and I can’t find any info for those online. Do you have any additional info about the shop’s name / location?


    Thank you – $45 sounds very good, and the location is reasonably convenient.

    I did a Google street view of Avenue O and West 7th St. I saw a Reisman’s bakery on the corner and a few other other stores there, but nothing that looks like an electronics shop. Do you have the store’s name or address?


    I can only try: anytime! Let me know.


    If anyone is interested , cowboom.com is still selling used ipod touch 4th gen 32gb models for about $5 more than yesterday, but today you can pick and choose which specific item you want (some are in better condition and/or include accessories).

    $149.99 – 15% = $127.50 + free shipping + tax

    30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

    They have a site-wide 15% off sale, which expires Dec. 30.

    Personally, I’ve bought computers and other electronic items from them and I’ve been satisfied. One word of caution – some items they sell aren’t good buys and/or are ridiculously overpriced (for example some used netbooks they were selling for $320 before dropping them to $100). Make sure you know what’s a good price before you buy from them.


    Is anyone familier where to buy an Ipad? Also what type and do we need the internet or is it good with Wifi?


    I did a Google street view of Avenue O and West 7th St. I saw a Reisman’s bakery on the corner and a few other other stores there, but nothing that looks like an electronics shop. Do you have the store’s name or address?

    That is because its a new store that opened after Google Maps came by. I’ll try to pass by over Shabbos & get the address



    OK, I’ll b’n go by there and check it out.

    No need to get more exact info – I just wanted to make sure the location was correct.

    Thanks again.

    Gut Shabbos


    I would recommend getting an ipad / ipod which can be jailbroken and thus it’s possible to install filters for security and protection from garbage which on mobile devices is even worse than on computers. You can ask someone to do for you and it should not cost more than a token amount. Obviously make sure the person who sets it up is available in the future, and keeps your root password, for any changes you may want to do to the device.


    use a hammer…



    The ipod was repaired at the store “cb1” recommended.

    The cost was $50.

    I saw the repair job, and to my untrained eye it’s indistinguishable from an original screen. The ipod’s owner is very satisfied.

    The store is:

    Inson Inc.

    102 Ave. O (bet. west 7th and west 8th streets)

    Brooklyn, NY 11204


    Thank you very much to all those who took the time to help out with this.


    I can’t help you with your question since I don’t know anything about ipads.

    I suggest you start a thread with “iPad Question – Info Request” or something similar as the subject. What you posted here was probably missed by people who could help you.


    I can only try,

    Glad i can be of service. Its also good to know that they raised their price $5 since i used them last.

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