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    Anyone know of good apps for the itouch that are either free or very cheap





    Enlighted Jew, pandora is for goyish music now I got it and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Does

    anyone know how to delete an app on the itouch


    1.On the springboard, locate the app you want to delete.

    3.Tap the X next to the icon of the app you want to remove. When prompted, select Delete.

    At least that’s what i found on google


    thanks mod80, i got all the garbage off it now.


    Does anyone know how much memory the italmud is on the itouch


    I’m not sure if I posted this, and it was removed, but…

    Lifehacker and Gizmodo both link to free/cheap apps every day and round up the best of breed on a monthly and yearly basis. I got indispensable things like Dropbox, Evernote and Dragon Speaking, (centralized file storage, excellent note-taking, voice recognition) for free by looking there as well as a metronome, a carpenter’s bubble level and a bunch of really useful work-related reference material.

    You can also go to the iTunes store and search the free section or search for what you want. The free stuff that satisfies the search will be listed separately

    The National Film Board of Canada makes all of their content available for free. Bargain of the decade, that.

    For specifically Jewish apps I’ve gott iTehillim, iSiddur, Jewish Music, Rambam’s commentary on the Mitzvos and a couple others. The Talmud app was a little bit too expensive, but I may get it later.

    HiE, Pandora isn’t just for “goyish” music. If you tell it what you want it will very quickly give you what you’re looking for. My Early Music, Klezmer and Classical channels are frighteningly good at picking out exactly what I like and nothing else. That’s the whole point of the Music Genome Project. You train it, and it will learn. Similarly, if you know people who have music channels you like on last.fm you can listen to their collections and them alone.


    Once you’ve bought an application you can delete it and then re-download for free if you change your mind.


    while on this topic allparents should know that the ipod touch has wi fi and is dangerous for kids


    Check out the MMinyan app available for Android and iPhone – it’s free and is probably very useful.

    Dave Hirsch

    What do you mean? YWN Radio!

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