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    Okay, the past month has been pretty crazy, starting with revolt in Egypt and making it’s way throughout the middle east. Then Australia had a huge earthquake, then Japan almost got wiped off the map. And if things weren’t already bad, the horrible situation in Itamar happened and brought deep pain to all klal Yisroel. Does anyone else think that something might be happening here? Obviously Hashem is talking to us, but do you think that the world is coming to an end with all of these horrible tragedies all over the world?


    Scared? This is what we’re supposed to be waiting and ready for!



    Yes. I sit wrapped in tinfoil, waiting for messages from the space aliens who will come from the planet of Airmont to save us all. The aliens will be wearing bright yellow Chassidishe malbishim and they will be dancing and exhorting you to “Habt aff danne hentelach tzi Tatte in himmel!”

    I will also share with you the password which you must utter when you want to board their spaceship to be transported to safety on the planet of Kaser.

    They will yell out “What!” and you must respond “Abi MeLebt!”


    k b’h its not just me


    Calm down. The world isn’t coming to an end. Hashem is controlling this all. He put these things here for us to take a lesson. Have you realized this happened to someone else, not you? That means that you are supposed to look and think “why is Hashem doing this?” Don’t freak out. Hashem is showing all of Klal Yisrael a major sign. We must do Teshuva. We must do our hishtadlus to keep ourselves safe and the rest is up to Hashem. Daven that He should keep all of Klal Yisrael safe. B”H the boys in Japan who are imprisoned were not hurt. Hashem chooses who will die and who will live. We must trust him to keep us safe because there is NOTHING you can do to prevent an earthquake from happening or a tsunami or murder. No matter how much protection you put up, if Hashem wants something to happen, it will. We learn in pirkei avos that a person should do hishtadlus, nothing more because all Hashem wants is hishtadlus and if He still says no, its no-no matter what you try. We can only change a gezaira with tshuva, tfilla and tzedaka. Hashem is in control. He is protecting those who are supposed to be protected. Do your hishtadlus but don’t panic.

    BTW I live on the west coast where e/1’s been saying is the most danger. We have nuclear plants all along our beach and we are prone to earthquakes. Also there’s stuff going around that the radiation can travel here. If Hashem wants something to happen, it will. Otherwise, we just Daven for protection.


    exactly!! dont just sit around and be scared!! do some teshuva to bring the geulah closer!!


    Moshiach is so close!

    I wouldn’t even buy a 25 year savings bond or start building a house….


    600kilobear returns, I tried wrapping myself in tinfoil and waiting for the aliens, but they never came!


    Mischeifmaker- I agree completely

    But every day we must think– If moshiach DOES come today, I can’t get any more mitzvos! I can’t get any closer to Hashem! I no longer have free choice, got no Yetzer Horo!” It’s really serious, we NEED moshiach urgently, but we NEED to do more mitzvos before he can come!

    Shoutout to the world- gotta do mitzvos so moshiach can come- we need him to come!



    I saw them dancing to Ashry Odom Oiz Loi Bach outside the Rockland County Psychiatric Hospital but they aren’t taking any passengers yet.


    This type of crazyness happens ever so often. Ok right now a lot of it seems to be happening all at once, and we have better news reporting so you hear about it more. But its not the first time nor will it be the last. IN 1848 about half the countries in Europe had revolutions, in the late 1980’s all of eastern europe changed with several ugly wars.

    But really don’t put too much mental effort into things that you can’t control.


    I think something is happening, I think we are in the midst of the birth pains of Moshiac. Is he comming today, tomorrow, in a 100 years????No clue, but Hashem is speaking to us. There is no doubt about that!


    I am not afraid because I have emunah. However, yes, these are apocalyptic events. I believe, based on what Yechezkel says on God u’Magog, that there will ultimately be a clash between Arabs/Russia/China on one hand, and the Jews on the other hand, culminating in a time of upheaval, ending whn Moshiach comes.

    If you think I’m meshuggeh, remember: Russia aids Iran, and Russia, Iran, and China comprise a geopolitical bloc called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


    Keep a bag packed – like they say the Chafetz Chaim did.



    When Hashem promised us the Ultimate Redemption, he meant it. So, no, the world is not coming to an end. Hopefully, though, all the recent unrest and tragedies are the birth pangs of Moshiach.

    There’s no question about it, all the events you mentioned, that’s Hashem nudging us to wake up and do Teshuva.

    But scared? What’s there to be scared of? Totty’s coming to take us home!


    6000KB, what should I do? I don’t understand a word of Yiddish! Is there perhaps an English version? Or can I yell “CHOLENT” when they come for us?

    tomim tihye

    ZachKessin: If one believes the events to be acts of G-d, and he also believes that G-d communicates with us through His actions, then isn’t it wise for him to keep the lines of communication open?


    Does anyone just see this as the normal news cycle?

    Certanly the world has seen similar unrest in the past, only difference now is the 24 news enviroment we live in.



    If you call out Cholent, you will have 1000 space aliens at your house this week for Shabbos lunch!

    doodle jump

    Yemos HaMashiach are right here. We are seeing tragedies of epic, biblical proportions. IY”H we will all be in Yerushalayim soon.


    Am I scared the world is coming to an end? No.

    Do I think Hashem is telling us to shape up? Yes.


    600kilo, I think you’re a fraud, I called out chollent last week and no aliens showed up for lunch! What should I do next?



    OK. You need to yell “Na Nach Nachma Nachman meNachmanides” four times followed by “Shygetz Aross!” They don’t want to come into contact with any tzioinim, Zalim, Aroinim or anyone else except NaNachs so you will have to make it clear you are getting rid of the shkoooooootzim for them.

    And this marks my last post, for Purim is over.


    @tomim tihye: It depends, I don’t think everything in a normal news cycle is a message from above. Its just with a 24×7 news cycle these days it is way to possible to let it drive you nuts.

    I don’t know if these events are messages or just normal life. But either way I’m going to keep doing what I am doing, provide for my family and be the best man/husband/father I know how to be.

    tomim tihye

    Dr. Kessin: In that case, you don’t need to view the events as messages.

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