Is Hillary too weak and fragile to survive the rigors of the presidency?

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    we cant have a president who is sick all the time and lies about it. She took the day off yesterday to “rest up.” I wonder why


    To “donaldtrump”: As I noted above, the US already had a president who was sick all the time and lied about it, and he led us through World War II.


    WE need to raise this to both candidates[more so Hillary] ,first and foremost:

    It is difficult to say this, but perhaps the first seedlings of the recession of the benevolent American experience are being seen. We have been seeing small signs in many areas. The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States forcing states to redefine marriage is a wakeup call.

    The Supreme Court majority barely pays lip service to the religious rights of minorities and clearly shows that the far-left liberal ideologues who have been spearheading this battle for decades with ample assistance from the New York Times-led mainstream media will make use of the courts to force their views on the rest of us. It is clear that the next step is to make anyone who does not ascribe to these views a social pariah, one who is considered uncouth and uncultured, and thus unable to participate in the political and academic institutions of our society.

    The Ultimate Assault on the Kodesh and the Kodesh Hakodoshim

    What they would ultimately like to do is bring the assault into the kodesh and the kodesh hakodoshim of our society. Soon, any schools that seek government funding and diplomas for their students will be forced to teach about all kinds of abominations as if they are just another alternative and an equally legitimate way of living.

    What is transpiring may be a transition from the best golus experience the Jewish nation has had since the churban to a more classical mode of golus where, as frum Jews, we must somehow walk between the raindrops of hostility, avoiding the pitfalls with a combination of cleverness and shtadlanus.

    Leaving Benevolent Golus Behind?

    .. It would appear that these kinds of outside government interventions in our education and other areas of life will increase and become more pervasive. We, as a community, must therefore fortify ourselves and prepare for the ensuing legal battles and to eventually make the sacrifices to be able to live as Yidden according to our Torah, even if the battles are lost.

    IS THIS what is coming?


    Hillary didn’t look weak or fragile last night. Trump was a huge disappointment.


    Cherrybim -“Hillary didn’t look weak or fragile last night. Trump was a huge disappointment.”

    Her and her husband have been faking out the world from time immemorial! No wife would stay with that creep if there wasn’t an alternative motive!

    They are bigger con-men than Obama!

    Hopefully Trump will keep pushing Muslim Terrorism that is occurring now in this country!


    Online polls don’t seem to think Trump bombed, but I agree that it could have been so much better. Very disappointing.

    He should not agree to any more debates.


    dovrosenbaum – he lost last night, and he could have at least had a draw. He was rambling and at times incoherent. He has no one to blame but himself.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out of the other debates. From his point of view, its not his chosen field of battle. The problem is, that he’ll continue to solidify his base, but that is at most 30% come-hell-or-high-water Republican voters. maybe he can convince another 10-12% mainly “independents”, but that still leaves him well short in popular vote and unless he gets Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York, which is very unlikely, he will get slaughtered in the electoral college vote.

    If he doesn’t debate, he has a harder time reaching those he most has to convince. If he does debate, and he shows himself to be as underwhelming as last night, he doesn’t get those votes either.

    Besides, he already agreed to the other debates. Pulling out now doesn’t reflect well on him with anyone.

    He has put himself in a tough spot. The other bad candidate has surprisingly failed to capitalize on Trump’s ineptitude until last night. As esteemed Republican commentator Charles Krauthammer says, it’s a race to the bottom with these two.



    The most important part is the nonverbal

    the focus

    the consistent tone

    the vibes

    of a statesman

    He better improve or he’s in big trouble


    Trump had the aplomb of my garbageman.


    Cherrybim -“Trump had the aplomb of my garbageman”

    It’s a sad situation when the two people who are going to be our next president are not the least bit qualified!

    But Trump is way better than Hillary! She has compromised our security time after time! The two things that pop out right away is Benghazi and the Emails!


    For what it’s worth,DT got $13 million in contributions in less than 24 hours after the debate. His single biggest day, money wise


    To Cherrybim: Why insult your garbageman?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕



    Actually they both were successful- Trump did not insult any national heroes or innocent little old ladies, and Clinton did not collapse from heat exhaustion, or whatever. Winners all around (except for American voters, who will be losers no matter what the outcome)


    Hutu, you are correct. However, even forgetting the many Hillary scandals, still just the thought of HRC makes me physically ill; especially the flashbacks when she gave Bibi the 45 minute tongue-lashing and the famous Mrs. Arafat hug. But at least she is for sale; ready and willing.


    To cherrybomb: “Hutu” is an ethnic group that lives in Ruwanda and Burundi and fought a ghastly civil war against the Tutsis 10 or 20 years ago. The weapon of choice was the machete.

    As for Hillary, just to be clear, I think she is a creep, but she is so much more qualified than the utterly unqualified Trump that I have no trouble supporting her candidacy. Politically, I am slightly to the right of Bernie Sanders. I expect her to be a disappointing president, because she has very weak core beliefs, but she will not be the unmitigated disaster that Trump would be. And she might even surprise me. In the Senate, she got a lot of credit for working with Republicans. Maybe she is what we need, a ready-to-compromise politician whom Congressional Republicans might be willing to talk to. Through no fault of his own, the Republicans in Congress utterly refused to deal with the first black president. It got them and the country no where. Maybe they will talk (probably talk down) to the white girl, but, to her credit, she can handle that.


    Reflublicans messed up Congress, yet the President gets all the blame.

    Ben Levi


    According to Bob Woodward who is most famous for being the man who brought down a Republican President, John Boehner was ready to deliver on a compromise that would have significantly reduced the deficit, even though he would have faced serious flack from the roght of his party.

    The deal was agreed to by Boehner and Obama.

    Yet afterwards Obama walked back and reneged on his side of the deal.

    So how exactly did the Republicans refuse to deal with Obama?


    Re Ben Levi’s typo: Great typo, the “roght” of his (Boehner’s) party, if you pronounce “roght” as “rot.”


    Is Hillary too weak and fragile to survive the rigors of the presidency? Moot point now. I hope she survives her prison infirmary.

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