Is it permissible for women/girls to watch movies-listen to non Jewish music?

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    Yes or no?


    It depends on which movie and music.


    No. Why does it make a difference as men or women in the first place?




    No although there might be no sin of kol Isha involved there is the sin of lo sasuru achrei…. Going after your desire and pleasures etc….


    shopping: Because we assume that some types of inappropriate things affect men more than women.


    Care to explain why a lady should be allowed to do that? Unless you feel that a man is also allowed! For the actual issue of listening to a lady singing I can hear a difference but for the rest of it I can’t hear a difference.


    Sam2: Notice you said “affect men MORE than women”. Ok, so let’s say a kids parent dies, just becuase there are kids with both parents dead the first kid shouldn’t be sad? That argument is futile. Of course it affects women A LOT. Women are much more sensitive then men, and affects women more emotionally. Of course it probably affects the average male more than the averge female, but how much more? Not that much…


    What’s wrong with it?


    What’s wrong with what?


    Loevlyme: Its a whole DMC conversation but in a nutshell:

    – Ideas of giluy arayos to put it in a nutshell are found in everything

    – It goes against the commandment to watch our eyes and our hearts about what we see.

    – Leads to bad thoughts, ideas, taiyvos, the songs and videos replay

    – Music is the language of the neshoma. So just as you would not talk to some people because the things they talk about are disgusting and go agiasnt the basic principles of the Torah, you are going to let your soul have a talk with their soul!??!


    watching movies creates an image that you expect in your life. when that image isnt recreated, you feel unsatisfied. but in reality, the image was fantasy but you cant let go of it. reading books is worse though because you create you own pictures based on the words so its harder o get rid of.


    Movies are worse. You can see disgusting things that you will never forget..


    It depends. There are some books, movies and music that are full of disgusting things, and others that will teach you to be friendly to others in your kindergarten class should you ever find yourself in one. The real problem is that you can’t look at it to it to see if it’s good without listening to it or seeing it.


    the torah was given to women also so whats youre question?


    It’s an old discussion how much/when does of ” Lo Sasuru” apply to women.


    The question, the way it is asked, is too open ended for meaningful discussion.

    There is (almost?) not a single example of a pure “yes” or “no” response to any question involving almost any halacha when asked within a broad context, especially one that is wrapped within a plethora of hashkafic questions as well.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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