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    Why don’t people try reading posts before arguing with them?


    c a: I do sort of see rebyidd’s point.

    However, open and honest doesn’t have to be about controversial opinions that do nobody good in their airing. It would bee different if someone were to be straightforward and say their unpopular opinions on public policy (such as raising taxes) that they would intend to implement anyway but, like most politicians, would shut up about until after their election. While that would be commendable, in practice, it would be a stupid thing to do because they would be the only one doing it- not the only one secretly planning to raise taxes, but the only one politically unsavvy enough to reveal it and thereby torpedo their own campaign.

    It would be nice if the country was prepared to support people who were honest about their intentions and did not merely pander, but in practice, democratic elections prefer those who pander.

    As far as Reagan- I almost feel bad saying this. It’s the kind of thing that would make my dad cry. However, it has to be said.

    I was born during the Clinton administration.

    I learned about the Reagan years from a (not-well-equipped) history book.

    I (and my younger sister) will both be old enough to vote in the coming presidential campaign.

    I therefore hesitate to respond as far as the Reagan administration is concerned.

    However, even so, I think that my first point in this post applies. Reagan may have been opinionated and outspoken in office, but he would NEVER been as much of an idiot and goofball as is Trump. (With apologies to the guy who wrote into the Yated about how we should respect Trump for his positive views on Israel. I call it as I see it.) Reagan would never have said all the things Trump has said over the course of his campaign. And imagine, if this is only Trump during the campaign, when the average candidate is on their best behavior…

    And Reagan was pretty divisive.

    ☕️coffee addict


    all that is true,

    however you do realize we’re in ikvasa d’meshicha to which it says chutzpah will be praised

    welcome to ikvasa d’meshicha (9however you don’t like it)


    I used to think Trump is an idiot. Not anymore, I think he’s just a nasty egocentric, an otherwise intelligent person who is driven by his ego and mean spiritedness to say the stupidest things.


    Coffee addict: it’s a sad reality not an ideal.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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