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    Cute, so now you will say that bc the Kohen Gadol wore a certain garment all garments of that sort are holy? I truly hope you were joking.



    There was a question to the Debretziner Rav, Rav Moshe Stern ztzl are you allowed to take the newspaper The Forverts written with hebrew letters in yiddish to the bathroom? He answered the question is are you allowed to remove it?



    This conversation reminds me of the story of Reb Boruch Ber who marveled at the “heilige kurkevan” when he encountered one after spending so much time learning tOrah about it.
    And you can’t accuse him of being a chassid.

    I don’t think he meant that gizzards need genizah. IT is a sense of appreciation, if he can have it for abird’s innards because of sugyos and halacha involved. Al achas Kama vekama for the very language used to espouse said Torah.

    (Incidentally I think Heilige Kurkevan is a fantastic user name,)



    don’t tell me what I’m going to say, as it is easy to prove you wrong again by not saying it.

    No, I am showing you that your statement “nor are hats of any kind [holy]” is demonstrably false. Thus callign into question your expertise in analyzing Holiness and certainly calling into question your ability t olabel others “an ignoramus of unbelievable proportion who neither comprehends kedusha”

    Some hats are in fact holy. That does not make all hats or even all such hats holy. I’m not quite sure how you came to that wrong conclusion


    The glorious greenhouse for steamy fiery greatness over the past few hundred years was NE Europe.

    Rav Shach would instruct Sephardi talmidim to acquire Yiddish
    as there are some things which cannot be expressed in any other language



    I’ve met quite a few Sephardim that have a better than casual knowledge of Yiddish.



    holy is “kadosh”, which means separated [from the mundane], the whole purpose of the “creation” of yidish is so the yiden will have a “mundane” language to speak while doing “mundane” things, similar as to why the scrip letters of the alef beis were made, bemaileh as for “holieness” yidish wouldnt be “kadosh u’muvdal”.
    never the less yidish does have a maala over other languages, based on this itself that so many jews in general and gedolei yisroel bifrat, spoke it and used it to teach torah, [the baal shem tov would bedavka say divrei torah in yidish, so the torah will elevate also the mundane languages, so yidish was a intermedeate language, similar to aramaic], also this itself that behashgacha pratis davka this language is called by all jew etc. yidish is a sign of a certain maalah that yidish has [even over other jewish languages], [see lekutai sichos volume 21 p. 447, for more explanation]



    Those of the old “yiddish theatre” clan would find it amusing… in fact would be joking about… Yiddish being “holy”. Those holocaust survivors (e.g. the Pruzhiner) were all firmly yiddish speakers many of whom were (forgive me) anything but ‘holy’.

    I guess it all depends on your definition or perspective. After all, holy or not, what difference at this point, does it make?


    Sorry unommin,
    The Theater types felt the weight of Yiddish weighing upon them
    So it was a means and purpose of escapism.and liberation ( or libertinism) They were all big leitzonim because of this



    Does anyone know what Rav Shach’s position was on Yiddish?



    Rav Shach was a strong proponent of Yiddish. He told the American yeshivos to learn in Yiddish.


    Avi K

    Singer said that the wives of all the Yiddish writers in Poland spoke to their families in Polish.

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