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    “they are on-record as protesting the pending zionist takeover of the Holy Land”

    Unfortunately, their protests joined with the Arab protests led to extreme limitations on immigration. That later led to less Jews being able to escape the Nazi Death Machine.


    Yes Josh31, but that 1948 was 3 years after the end of WW2, so tragically came too late for many wonderful European Jews HY’D.


    That’s a lie and you don’t even believe what you just wrote.


    There were old yishuv protests against the new yishuv for decades before 1948.


    After the Zionists murdered Dr. Yaakov Yisroel de Haan.


    147, you need to read up on the subject. You wrote:

    Well, if the Chareidim were first, how were they not able to convince the British Mandate to have open door policy to every Jew? Especially during the Holocaust. Or maybe they simply didn’t care about or embrace every Jew?”

    The obvious answer to your rhetorical question is, aderaba, even though the yishuvim indisputably predate Zionist conquest, the Zionists had the power and world attention.

    The Zionists insisted that they alone were the legitimate leaders of the Jewish people and they murdered Yaacov DeHaan, allegedly for that reason. The Zionists also had quite a history during the Holocaust as they were the address for Jewish concerns from the 1920s and on; for example, Chaim Weizmann testified in London on behalf of the Jews for the Peel Commission. The Zionist Jewish Agency for Palestine sent a memo to the Evian conference.

    All this was well before the disaster was inestimably worsened with the establishment of the State of Israel.

    The yishuv, consisting of Jews who simply wanted to live in peace with their neighbors and to NOT rule over them, was powerless.

    Josh, if you are a(n honest) Zionist, you really don’t want to talk about Zionists and the Nazi death machine in the same breath.

    There’s much more, but consider this, from AICE, just for starters:

    In case you’re wondering, the AICE has, right on their home page, quotes from both Israeli PM Netanyahu and also from President Obama. This is not just some anti-Israel site that states this, but one that supports Israel.

    Here is their mission statement:


    Paris is a beautiful city with a great Jewish community. Tel Aviv is an ugly mixture of copies of Manhattan architecture and nondescript apartment houses, with the old slum of Hatikva thrown in for good measure.

    Last time I heard, people got sick by falling off a bridge into the polluted Yarkon, not the Seine.

    If an Arab kills a Jew in EY, he sits in a luxury prison until a lopsided prisoner exchange takes place.

    The medine was a mistake, and the world is sick of it. Reb Yoilish’s prediction will come true in due time – an orderly dismantlement of the state. Its sugar daddy, the US, has had better days too and is now ruled by a President and Senate who represent the malcontents of American society. Those malcontents are anti-Semites as well, and there will be intense pressure on the medine to basically commit suicide.

    Those of us who do speak Ivrit can give shiurim, as well as English lessons to the hordes of refugees from the medine who will be flocking to our shuls for meals as well as for help becoming adjusted to the new world.


    The medine cares more about dusky hued American street thugs than it does Jewish kids.

    It is about to extradite a Jewish patrol volunteer for defending Jews against a street thug. The volunteer did not even inflict much damage upon the thug.

    It will not give up Avremel Mondrowitz ShR”Y (and don’t go blaming it on the Gerrer Rebbe either – I remember the whole case going way back), a monster who molested scores of Jewish kids.

    (Of course, it begs with its boss the US to give up Pollard, a miserable traitor and lowlife who should exit prison only feet first, veyaffe shaah achas kodem.)

    The only reason I don’t burn the flag of the koifrim on Purim and Yom HaAtzamois is that I don’t even want to touch a stick attached to that flag (let alone waste good kerosene on it).

    Al shlosha pish’ei Yisroel….


    Now we need to get back to the thread – the job fair:

    “it makes Mafteach a machshir in shmad r”l.”

    Shmad is a powerful word and it needs to be reserved for the likes of the Czar y’s and the infamous 25 year draft.

    In the old days offering those who had Torah knowledge opportunities to make a living was considered among the biggest chesed acts. There was no worry about Bitul Torah.

    But in the new “torah” of the Nut Kase community Schnorring is always frummer than Working.


    The Czar’s shmad draft is no different than the proposed Zionist shmad draft of dragging yeshivaleit out of the Beis Medrash and into the Zionist Army.


    It’s interesting how Zionists are very quick to trumpet the kashrus of their idolatry, but when shown how their idolatry is really chazir treif, it conveniently becomes time to move on without a word in response.

    Shmad is, indeed, a powerful word, but, no, it should not be reserved for the czar.

    While I don’t dispute (Chazal say so, so there is nothing to dispute) that a person should preferably earn a living on his own rather than rely on Tzeddakah, this has nothing to do with this job fair.

    As gedolim have stated in the past, and as is now plain to see for all, the goal of Zionism is shmad. “Religious Zionists” probably mean well despite this truth, but this does not change the reality of Zionism, whose very purpose is shmad.

    So, in light of all this, back to the thread: who was running this job fair, what kind of jobs were offered and, also importantly, which rabbinic authority backed the protesters?


    Nut Kase



    There are people, including some who wear a certain type of kippa, who benefit from nuts like these making the rest of us look bad.

    Some of them pay these nuts or otherwise egg them on, and others go to the press or spend inordinate amounts of time discussing these nuts, giving them the attention they want and that they are paid to get.

    They are nut kases, and their cause is strictly to get attention. One of their ilk outside EY left NK and decided to get back into the news by forcing a girls’ school (of the Chassidish Beis Yaakov sort) in Antwerp to accept his SONS!

    Ignoring them will make them go away. Even having them arrested will only encourage their mishegoss. They will never be punished for what they do as long as certain parties benefit from using them to tar all charedim with the same brush.

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