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    I know that jhu is a top ten college and i’ve recently met someone who was jewish who went there he told me there are a pretty decent amount of frum jews there i latter found out that ner yisroel is affiliated with them i just wanted to know the details of the affiliation. Things like what degrees you can get and the cost etc.


    i’ve had the same question still havent got a clear answer


    anyone please


    blocked hillcrest obviously yw doesnt like jhu Jk


    @good.jew i looked at that thread but all i heard was that ner might close the hopkins program i want to know what are the plans for the future and what is life currently like for those bochrim


    what type of major are they in


    Call 410-484-7200 and ask for Rabbi Lapidus who is the college coordinator


    JHU is a short ride from main frum community in Baltimore, and has an on campus kosher meal plan. The nature of the JHU-Ner “cooperation” seems to be more of JHU allowing its students to transfer credits from Ner under certain circumstances, and Ner allowing some of its students to take JHU (or other college courses). If you look at JHU’s online materials, they don’t see it as a “joint program”. As with most elite universities, JHU meets 100% of need, so tuition is a function of the EFC. Also remember that Baltimore is relatively inexpensive to live in compared to the New York or Washington areas.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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