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    It is announced Moshiach is to arrive in a months time.

    Confident in this prediction the Litvish community heads to the beis midrash in order to formulate an extravagant pilpul in honor of the Moshiach.

    ChaBaD hears the news and immediately brings out all the mashke and begin to farbreng.

    A month passes and indeed Moshiach arrives.

    He arrives at the Litvish Beis Midrash and they deliver their lofty pilpul.

    “That’s it? is there anymore?” He asks

    Dismayed they reply “If only you arrived later we would have more for you”

    Moshiach then heads to 770,

    The farbrengen had carried on for a whole month,
    The jubilant Chassidus greet the Moshiach and he asks for a L’Chaim,

    All the Chassidim look at each other in shock and a tell Moshiach “If you arrived sooner we would have had some mashke left”

    Sorry if I butchered this the mobile YWN is wonky on my phone


    Son: “Dad, I know who I want to marry”
    Dad: “Who?”
    Son: “Grandma”
    Dad: “You can’t, she’s my mother!”
    Son: “You married mine…”


    “What’s this 4-year gap on your resume?”

    “I was in Yale for that time.”

    “Oh really? K, you’re hired.”

    “Thanks. I really need this yob.”


    Someone has to tell a lady that her husband died. So he goes to her and says are you the almana Goldberg? She says no, so he says, wanna bet?

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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