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    Last time I posted my life was upside down. You all did what CR’s do and gave me support and advice, love and good ideas.

    Thanks everyone.

    Life is good.


    gotta go now!


    I don’t think I ever met you….;) I’m glad life is treating you well now… Remember everyone has ups and downs your not alone!


    Hello ARWSF!!!! Welcome back!!


    ALL CRs? are there more?


    Hey! I’m relatively new here, but you’re like a celebrity.

    Welcome Back!

    Glad to hear things are better now.


    Welcome back! I sure remember you, it would be great to see you posting again. I hope you’re fine now!



    We missed you. How are you doing?


    We sure did miss you! We also inquired about you on numerous threads!

    Thanks for checking in!


    So glad to see you check in! Glad to hear things are good. Hope you can stick around!


    HI ARWSF! good to hear from u!

    Shticky Guy

    Hi thanks for stopping by! Call by again

    ☕️coffee addict


    I thought it was something we did

    And I hope it stays that way

    Think first

    Arwsf- yeh its funny but I was kinda wondering what ended up happening with you, happy to hear all is good now.

    So long.


    Life is sure differnt, now, but baruch hashem, i took the right steps, the right direction and got my GET!!!! Yep, alone with my brood of little kiddies, and Hashem, and wonderful warm community of friends,,but at least my kids won’t be getting abused, beat up and power controlled! My kids are doing much better now. Baruch Hashem


    Always Runs, Bravo! congratulations on taking control of your life and protecting your children, your children will thank you for separating them from an abusive parent.


    B”H i’m so glad you were able to make that decision and are seeing positive changes! Thanks for letting us know how you are- we’ve been worried

    big deal

    Mazel Tov. Much hatzlocha in the future.


    Hi Always- good to hear from you!!! I’m glad you took the right steps to a better life!!! I was really worried about you!! If you and your children need help for all the emotional scars, I certainly hope you are getting it.

    Wishing you and your children only good things from now on!!! Keep us posted. We care!


    always runs, that is wonderful news, and thanks for sharing that with us! May things only get better and better.


    ARWSF – It’s really good to see you back – hope you are able to continue moving in a positive direction!


    Wudup Sista??!!!

    Glad to see you posted!!

    It has not been the same!



    Hi Always- good to hear from you!!! I’m glad you took the right steps to a better life!!! I was really worried about you!! If you and your children need help for all the emotional scars, I certainly hope you are getting it.

    Wishing you and your children only good things from now on!!! Keep us posted. We care!


    oops! when i checked back after my first post, it was showing up weird so i thought it wasn’t going to go through. so i copied and pasted it and now it went through twice. oh well – double good wishes for you always runs! 🙂



    Six months ago you posted about the stern tone of your husband and how you did not like it, but you also posted this:

    “You know what? ITs funny but ever since writing this….I have noticed a dramatic change in my perception. Let me explain..

    My kids are leibedig and know how to manipulate me. Lately I have started noticing how under control my husband seems to manage them. I have grown in the last few days to come to respect some of the way he is “Different” than my father because of this.

    I told my husband shabbos, I like your way of making them control themselves.


    I’m glad that you and your kids are out of an abusive situation, but it seems that things were OK (or at least tolerable)6 months ago, and now you got a Get. It seems that the situation really deteriorated fast. Is that what happened?



    I just looked your thread from 2 months ago. I think it answers it:

    Today and yesterday, and the day before and the week previous to that, and actually for the whole past year or 2 (my husband and I) are fighting a real lot. He is harsh in his responses to me, over anything and nothing. He snaps, he is a grump,of course it hurts my feelings, ruins the shalom bayis, I turn sulky, beg for his acknowledgement and apology or at least to notice he did something wrong, but he does nothing except justify his actions.

    Very lately he is turning into a monster. The anger and whatever (call it depression) is escalating with in him, and he is taking his frustration in the marriage out on the kids. This depressive mood is almost tangible in the house since I am in a deep depression because of him and the life he has to offer us with all his problems.


    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m very suprised,

    In my mind I would think an abusive husband would just just run away and leave you an aguna


    coffee addict, well there may be many things “in your mind” that doesnt fit in reality necessarily, in every situation.


    arfws – To be honest, after that thread I doubted you’d go ahead with it. I am humbled to think of the courage you have. Hatzlacha Rabba!

    ☕️coffee addict

    That’s true (like pigs flying)


    ARWSF- Are you okay now? I really hope everything worked out for you. I wish you continued bracha and hatzlacha and I’m glad you’re back 🙂


    always runs –

    Wow, and hatzlacha with everything. Life should only get better for yourself and your kids from here.


    Arwsf- wow, I can’t believe I missed your post last week about you divorcing. Kol hakovod to you if you felt this needed to be done. I didn’t realize the situation is leading up to this.

    I hope you and your children will adjust well to the changes and you should all be happy. Life should only get better from here on.

    And thanks for checking in and updating us.

    a mamin

    always: I’m sure it was a hard decision for you. Wishing you peace and tranquility for you and your children. May Hashem continue to guide you in the right direction.

    Shticky Guy

    Hi always, any more updates?


    thanks guys, I want you all to know that I really appreciate your well wishes. ITS NOT EASY,,, i get a little emotional when it comes to pesach now. He is not there, they ask for him, and I remember all the “good times” and the niceities, however life goes on and I am blessed to no longer be a part of a bad man.

    He has major serious issues. The abuse was extensive. I am sorry to say this, but there are things I cannot and am not willing to talk about. It was far worse than I ever postes.

    Lets be happy, and praise Hashem, I am soo blessed.

    I moved, I have got an adorable apt now. Baruch Hashem.

    but i want to get remarried asap. And im yirtze hashem in a mazeldige shu I will!

    Ok well, a kosher and freilichen pesach everyone.


    Scissors: While divorce is never something to be happy about, let me say that I was happy for you that you got out of that abusive marriage. I can only speak for myself, but I feel relatively confident saying that you have nothing but Brachos and well-wishes from those of us in the CR.


    (And apparently I’m a week late with this post. Didn’t see it last week. My apologies.)


    always runs with scissors fast said:

    “but i want to get remarried asap. And im yirtze hashem in a mazeldige shu I will!”

    I’m no psychologist, I don’t know you, and I think that people should be married, but I am worried that you might need some time to clear your head, possibly with some guidance.


    MDG, you are right!

    I am definately in my own “healing zone” with Hashem right now.

    I am not marriageable at this point. I have to get strong again. i Feel like someone who is recovering from a major illness or surgery. But I will get up with abibishten’s helf.


    “But I will get up with abibishten’s helf. “

    Amen ! Kain yehi Ratson !

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