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    i love shabbos! i’m just wondering tho, does anyone have any ideas how to make shabbos feel like it’s dripping with kedusha? like the shchina is resting and glowing right in your home? like you are such an elevated level that you have never felt before?

    has anyone ever felt that way? i only felt this way twice (at the home of one of my rebbeim in sem)

    i mean, of course there is kedusha at home on shabbos. and of course, for sem i was in E”Y (but i still didn’t feel like that every week there)

    any ideas?


    Bizrat HaShem, b’sha tova, you will be blessed to experience that at you own shabbos tisch as you share it will your beloved Ezer and ba”h holy kinderlach.


    ooohhhhh! amein! i like that bracha! thanx, phrum!



    I’m a guy and what works for me is learning Torah. I’m not really sure what to suggest. Maybe go to or organize a shiur for girls/women?



    Read R’Shimshon Pincus’ book. Its called Nefesh Shimshon Shabbos Kodesh. Its in English and it shows you the beauty of shabbos and makes you feel that way. Maybe learn it on Shabbos (to connect to what WIY said)


    There’s also R. Dovid Meisels’ book, and Rabbi Leff’s books (as well as his weekly Yated columns).

    Also for ladies, check out Azriela Jaffe’s website and the chatzos link for concrete steps to take to bring the serenity of Shabbos into the week, even without the deadline of chatzos.


    HashemLovesMe – Ken yehi ratzon!


    its neither easy nor simple in that it takes WORK

    you have to learn what Shabbos Kodesh is, and think a lot about it on Shabbos

    i would strongly recommend Nefesh Shimshon Shabbos Kodesh also.

    daven maariv Shemoneh Esrei very slowly thinking and feeling as deeply as you can into each word. dont be in a hurry. this will elevate you

    try to walk home from Shul alone

    walk slowly

    keep in mind that it is Shabbos Kodesh and as you take each step think that you are savoring each moment of this gift of closeness to Hashem. dont think about anything else.

    try to keep your head down and pay little attention to what is around you, but everything you do see, think that Hashem made the world from nothing. and it is still nothing. everything is only the thoughts and will of Hashem. savor each moment of closeness to Hashem


    One more point is not to evaluate yourself during Shabbos, asking yourself what you are presently feeling. Sometimes after the fact it is easier to look back and realize how wonderful it was. Focus rather on how to utilize this holy time, and that makes the Kedusha a part of you. Hashem gives up these feelings sometimes to show us what we can reach. You didn’t falter by not retaining it – it was a gift of being to gain a real live understanding of what levels there are to attain.

    May your life be filled with Kedusha.


    Also, learning the Halachos gives you a connection to the time.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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