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    My wife and I just had a child and we’re still not sure what to name our kid, we have exactly 16hours till the bris is Need help NOW guys!!!!

    Sam Klein

    Can you at least beva little bit more specific if it was a boy or a girl so we can think of the best names.


    sam klein: read the question. it says 16 hours before the bris. it seems we know its a boy. this weeks parsha mentions Moshe and Aharon. Another question. Are you ashkenazi or sefardi? if sefardi, name after one of the grandfathers as it is a segulah larichat yomim!

    also, its a child not a “kid”. a kid is a a young goat.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Nothing wrong with having a little fun just don’t go overboard, people really think you’re serious

    Suki sounds like a good name

    Come ride the TROLLey


    Kalman Zechariah Eibish.

    Reb Eliezer

    My son named his son after a beloved passed on friend Aryeh, Ari.



    The little I know

    There are Talmudic names that seem to have vanished from popularity.

    Here are a few:

    Chalafta, Abaye, Sumchus, Mesharshya, Popa, Ahcho, Antignos, Avtalyon, Tarfon, and Nechunya.

    You won’t be busy with guests and family wondering whose side the child is named after.



    “also, its a child not a “kid”. a kid is a a young goat.”

    While my elementary school teachers said the same thing, they were of course incorrect. Kid, like many words has several definitions. Feel free to check any dictionary.

    if your looking for a unique name may I suggest MaherShalalchashBaz for a unique name (though meaning is a bit ominous)

    Shimon Nodel

    Zvid, Bruna, yeshayvav, Paltiel, elitzur, Chetzron, Elishama, Azariah, etc.

    Why are these names and so many others from the chumash and gemara not in style?


    Hes a little on the chunkier side so im thinking something along the lines of og melech habashon.

    Still advice would be helpful!!


    Shlumiel. It’s a name mentioned multiple times in the beginning of Sefer Bamidbar, and it has a gorgeous meaning.

    mesivta bachur

    avraham efraim elyakim avshalom avigdor avner eviezer alecksander asher eluzar eliezer isar isamar aron elchanan eliyahu urin elisha elimelech binyamin ben zion boaz betzalel berechya gavriel gamliel gad gedaly(hu) gershon dov dovid dan daniel hillel zev zanvil zecharya zvulen chayim chanoch chizkiya chananya chanina tuvya yosef yehuda yaakov yishay yishaya yirmiya yiztchack yabetz yerachmiel yekusiel yoel moshe yechezkel shmaya yedidya yishmael yisroel yerachmiel yechiel yerucham yonasan yochanan yehoshua yesachar yom tov calev Kasriel levi lapidus mordechai meir menachem meshulem matisyahu moshe menashe michael noach nachum nachman ovadya sadya nisan nasan nesanel naphtali nechemya ezra pesach

    mazel tov would give more but gtg may you be zocheh to raise him to torah chuppa and maasim toivim


    Eviezer is a name??? Where did you come up with that?


    I have a cousin named Tzurishaddai.


    some people look at Prasha, but lately the daf became in vogue. From today:
    Bar Kapora (works well if you are Kapora), Meir, Avin, Aha, Yaakov, Rav (may sounds presumptuous though), Huna, Abaye, Rava (as a girsa only, so be careful), Hisda.
    There is also Kushia, but this is questionable.


    What is going on? I thought all Jewish boys that are born this year are being named Donald?



    I know people named Aviezer.

    Shlumiel and Zimri are one and the same.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “What is going on? I thought all Jewish boys that are born this year are being named Donald?“

    No, the OP is obviously either a never trumper or democrat (pick whichever one you are)


    And kids in 2025 will be named Donald II?

    Reb Eliezer

    You know the story of the Shlumiel and Shlomazel. One pours soup on another. The one who pours is the Shlumiel and the one who gets poured on is the Shlomazel.


    Pekak: Yes, that’s right.
    Later on in Sefer Bamidbar, after he sinned and caused the deaths of thousands of Jews, he is identified as Zimri.
    At the beginning of the sefer, though, he is identified as the Nassi of Shevet Shimon. At this point he was still a righteous person, and he is therefore called “Shlumiel”, which means, “at peace with Hashem”.


    Well, we’ve all been in suspense, and can you please release the stress –
    what did you name the poor kid in the end?
    Any of the above?
    All of the above?


    If the bris was delayed and you are still debating, you could take from the parsha, say, פרק י פסוק כ God.
    (I think some guys think that the English translation of that name is Donald).


    What did you name him?


    What about simcha. or simcah zissel. that would cater for every gender possibility.

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