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    I was in an office today in Israel waiting for my turn, I then saw a couple walk in. They were clearly not frum (they didn’t look jewish t me either). When it was my turn to go in (there were no numbers), I proceeded to go to the desk and that couple said “excuse me we were here,” I said “I was here before you” etc. etc. I am sure I was there first and I let them know, and went to the desk. They looked a bit annoyed (as these offices tend to take up a lot of your day). I didn’t think I need to let them go ahead of me.

    S/o told me I should’ve made a kiddush Hashem, I wasn’t sure however,if every time s/o makes a mistake I need to give in for the sake of kiddush hashem am I wrong?

    There was absolutely no safek who came in first to me, and they werent being as sure as I was, so I assume they just didn’ notice me when they walked in.

    What do the coffee roomers say?



    Dr. Horse

    If the result of letting them go 1st would have been, “Those Orthodox Jews are just so wonderful, polite, etc. It must be how they were raised or the emphasis the Orthodox schools put on Middos, etc”, then it would have been a Kiddush Hashem & it would have been worth letting them go first. It the result would have been, “It’s about time those people let someone else go first without pushing themselves in front all the time” or “All you have to do is be a little bossy & put them in their place & you can beat them out of anything”, then, “chayecha kodmin”.

    Oh Shreck!

    No. Not at all. Just because we’re frum doesn’t mean we’re pushovers. There’s a polite manner to be firm and assertive. Acting gracefully is a Kidush HaShem.


    i don’t think its considered a kiddush Hashem if u just let someone go before you in a situation like that. okay, they were obviously annoyed, but i dont think that letting them go before you would have even evoked the thoughts that dr horse was saying because they thought they were first in the first place (no pun intended).


    Keep in mind that there were people behind you, and you are hurting them unjustly if you let people ahead of you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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