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    I know good vegan recipes.

    1. Modern Cuisine.

    You take soy mush, and you top it with soy sauce.

    2. Chinese.

    Take rice, and add soy sauce.

    3. European

    Potatoes. With salt.

    4. Natural

    Eat grass, fresh from the ground. Make mooing sounds as you do.


    I know a pescatarian.


    I know a pescatarian.

    I know the opposite. People who eat meat but not fish. It makes more sense, since animals we just kill and that is it, but fish are dragged out of the water and allowed to suffocate to death on the boats.


    i think we need to eat the meat this enimal is a GILGIL of a NUSHMO waiting so long for a TIKKIN


    i have one vegan and two vegetarians just from my school years. i also have a cousin who is a vegetarian


    Daivd, if you want to explore that topic further, you should read the sefer by R’ Dovid Sears (A Vision of Eden) that I mentioned earlier. The gilgul issue you mention is one reason that has been offered in favor of meat eating, but other authorities believe that the same thing happens when we eat plants — and that these neshamos are on a higher level than those in animals.


    Panni55 I’m not sure what caused you to revive a post from 5 months ago just to tell me that. You admitted on the first page that you do it for health reasons- that’s totally fine. What bothers me are vegans who won’t drink milk or eat eggs because the ‘poor animals are being taken advantage of.’ The Torah tells us in no unsure terms that all of nature was created to serve mankind and for us to take advantage of the briah. We are not allowed to abuse animals or harm them without deriving benefit, but vegans who won’t drink milk because they feel bad for the poor cows are very far from seeing the world through the eyes of the Torah and Chazal. Please don’t confuse veganism and vegetarianism. At least the way that it has been explained to me – vegetarianism is a practice; veganism is an ideology. You may define it differently, but let’s not argue symantics.


    I’m post=vegetarian. We raise our own animals, live off the grid, and use a local shoichet to come to our place.I’m more and more interested in healthy food being available for all socioeconomic groups. It drives me batty that the health food industry (organic produce, supplements, alternative medicine, etc) is only accessible to the wealthy.

    The globalization of food and the ability to buy cherries in January (for example) is just…wrong.

    Also, I work in this field (preparing bio-available fermented and sprouted foods) for a local alternative health practitioner and her clients. Interesting work.

    Our digestive systems are “creatures of habit”. Of course if you never eat X, eating it is going to make you ill. That doesn’t mean X is evil; just that you have conditioned your system to tolerate certain foods. When I eat sour gummy bears; I always quip that one day I may be marooned on an island with only a bucket of gummy bears to keep me alive. I want to make sure that my system can digest them – so the odd gummy bear I eat is …pikuach nefesh!


    After the dor hamabul, Hashem allowed us to eat meat, and in fact there are korbonos that we are mechuyav to eat (i.e. korban Pesach). So meat cannot be bad for us, or Hashem would a)never have allowed us to eat it and b) never commanded us to, as no mitzvah could possibly be bad for our health.

Viewing 9 posts - 101 through 109 (of 109 total)
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