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    does anyone have any ideas of what my friends and I can do on these long motzei shabbasim that is tznius and fun? we are always so bored.


    does anyone have any ideas of what my friends and I can do on these long motzei shabbasim that is tznius and fun? we are always so bored.

    Make a Tehilim group and say Tehilim.


    Say tehillim.

    Have a bracha party to make up for the lesser amount of brachos on Shabbos.

    Go to shiurim.

    Proofread each others shidduch resumes.

    Bake cookies for tzedakah.


    Visit your local store and buy some board games (if you don’t have any lying in your basement/garage). You’d be surprised how much fun they can be with food & friends.


    in my community a bunch of girls learn pirkei avos and then make/ decorate cupcakes every single shabbos with one of the younger rabbis and his wife


    Try making music! Sing out! Sing along as a group with your favorite CDs, or go to your local sefer store and see what books of Jewish music they have. Learn to harmonize. If someone has a guitar or plays piano, they can play along.

    Of course, you’ll have to check for stray brothers hanging around the house – but they should be out learning anyway 🙂


    wow myfriend and a23,

    you are obviously both over half a century old, because you definitely dont understand kids nowadays, we want to do things that bring us enjoyment in THIS world…


    Have a LAN party and play Call of Duty.


    Ice skating! (If you consider it tznius).

    Start a babysitting club and market yourselves out to be available to babysit (and then you’ll make tons of money!).

    Start a choir and practice to sing in an old age home (to the women only of course). Or a dance?

    Make yourselves a scavenger hunt (use your imagination on this one).

    Go to a huge supermarket and give each other topics (ex. something very random like “computer”). Each girl has to find 3 items that have to do with that topic for under $5. Go home and figure out what you can cook with all the items.

    Have a get together to watch a really amazing Rabbi Wallerstein shiur on TorahAnytime.

    Make a weekly motzei Shabbos pizza making activity.

    Host a Home Kiruv Training seminar from Project Inspire.

    Pretend you’re little kids and play little kids games like hide and seek.


    backinaction: More like a quarter century. You don’t like saying Tehilim? Hmm. You must be about a tenth of a century old…


    Teenage girls having fun is assur. You should be sitting at home until the Tatte brings home your true zvug.


    In all fairness to kids, it’s unreasonable to expect them to entertain themselves in light of the ever evolving standards of what constitutes modest behavior. What was deemed appropriate for most girls twenty years ago (i.e. ice skating, going to certain movies, going to the theatre or certain concerts etc) is, for myriad reasons which are irrelevant to this conversation, no longer allowed. But children and teens remain children and teens with normal and healthy curiosities about the world in which they live. They should seek to broaden their horizons at this time in their lives when they learn to think critically about the world. But given the plethora of adult imposed rules, they cannot be left to their own devices. As such, I think parents and educators have the obligation and responsibility to provide appropriate entertainment. The frum world has gotten very good at enunciating what entertainments are forbidden. Perhaps it’s now time for it to state definitively what is allowed and encourage our young to partake of it.


    The suggestion to play board games is a good one, but with one problem: Since you all have to be in the same place in order to play the game, all but one of the girls will need to leave their house to get together. The Rambam says….


    take up a sport…


    I agree with mamashtakeh – the premise of your inquiry reveals your ignorance. What makes you think that teenage girls have any inherent right to have fun?

    Seriously – there is not just “one” fun thing to do – there are many fun, and safe, and tznius, things to do – you need not do the same thing every week, mix them up –

    1. ice skating

    2. rent a movie (plenty of appropriate fare out there)

    3. get a board game or similar (Apples to Apples, Would You Rather, Pictionary)

    4. get a pizza and meet at someone’s house for 2 or 3, above

    5. go to someone’s house and make your own pizza

    6. go for ice cream

    7. call the local social services agency and be a “big sister” for a kid on a Saturday – I’ll bet a ton of service agencies would be glad to find some mature, level-headed young ladies to be a “big sister” for pizza and games on a Sat nite

    this is not an exhaustive list – but the important thing is to maintain your committment to “kosher” fun, and to be safe while doing so


    Why not a version of “Avos Ubanim” for girls? There could be age appropriate type groups with shiurim/lectures on a myriad of topics, or supervised activities, or even a place where the girls can go to do their homework, hear a a story and win a few prizes.


    Ice skating! But the rest of L613 and telegrok’s ideas are also good.


    I would suggest that you start a swim club and find someone that has an indoor pool or look to rent one. Look to start a few in different communities so you can have swim meets.

    Start a debating club in different neighborhoods or from different camps so you can hone your skills and then meet up for some real fun! Get the counselors involved as the judges.

    Start a book club where you can read books and get together Motzei Shabbos to discuss them and make recommendation lists for your schools, book stores and/or libraries either by age or by topic.

    Start an exercise, dance or talent group. Whether it is art, music, singing, drawing, sewing, knitting, creative writing, computers etc. You can ask one of the parents or different parents to teach the group and you can help each other get better and one thing or another.


    bake challahs for next shabbos…


    Mikehall. Your getting ahead of yourself. Wouldnt it be better if they prepared a melava malka for the men who will surely be hungry after their avos ubanim/learning programs?


    HUH? Who has time for fun and games anymore, my BY girls are busy with homework and tests! They have school on sunday and the teachers know that they will chas v’shalom be BORED motzei Shabbos, so they give the talmidos more work! Gevald! I’m switching my kids to BY meidel’s school! 😉


    what about a good ol fashioned pillow fight 🙂


    BY Meidel –

    Apushitayid must be reading minds, as I was going to suggest just that. Oorah runs a motzoi shabbos program for the boys, there is no reason they would not consider running one for girls as well. (if they don’t already have one you can join

    Call them, they will love you for it.


    How about cleaning their brothers room, so he has some satisfaction after seder? 🙂


    I used to play pool with my friends. It was good clean fun, but its better if you can get a pool table in one of your friends houses.


    They have free time after praying for their basheret, helping their mothers cook, clean and taking care of their younger siblings…


    play pool

    Is that when you pretend to do laps? Show off your latest strokes?


    Seriously, I imagine many here will say billiards is Assur. Why, I don’t know (he’s on third, and I don’t give a darn :-).

    Sister Bear

    The mall is an option now that Shabbos ends early. You can go and have a good two hours to go shopping.


    “cleaning their brothers room”

    What’s with the sudden pre-occupation with cleaning? See, everyone.. I’m not over-reacting… its a conspiracy! (or an obsession, not sure which is more menacing)


    i would go with obsession

    conspiracy begins with your hated letter


    The only “c” word I really try to avoid is “caustic”

    (for a moment, I was tring to figure out what letter I wrote that was so hated…whew, 80.. you scared me there for a sec!)


    help your mothers clean the house from shabbos so that they get a chance to do something fun for a change


    Hmm… not sure ice skating is such a good ideas, some not so kosher things tend to happen in ice skating rings on motzai shabbos(os? es?) these days. But swimming sounds like a winner.

    so right

    mw13, you shouldn’t say it so loud. Some people don’t like hearing that certain activities are not kosher for girls. They’re motto is “what’s good for the guy’s, is good for the girl’s” and “equality”.



    and find things in their brothers room that will mess up the brothers image? yeah. i think not.

    teenage boys rooms are messy for a reason


    Take up a craft. Beading/ jewelery making, clay, knitting/ crocheting, even origami can all be lots of fun, especially with friends. You might be able to find someone who can teach you how to do these things or else buy (or borrow) a book & figure it out together. You can do a different craft each week or so(take turns preparing and teaching it to the others) or pick one thing and get really good at it, maybe even make stuff to sell (for profit or for tzedakah)


    so right: I wouldn’t recommend that a boy go ice-skating on Motzai Shabbos either. Its not a good environment for anybody.


    Can you try to arrange an aerobics class in your neighborhood? The girls can exercise and dance to Jewish music with an instructor. In my area it is pay per class, no commitment. The girls love it, but by us it is a little younger age, not teens yet.


    Theres this program called Ner Tehila for girls on motzei shabbos! they give pizza and there is a speech by people that are interesting and then there is some sort of activity. I heard it is really good. and also, okay about motzei shabbos but what are they supposed to do now that they have chanuka vacation and upcoming midwinter vacation?


    Yes, say Tehillim, read Kafka, then dream of your shidduch.


    How ironic to suggest Kafka to BY girls. It invites a whole new literary analysis of The Metamorphosis.


    Ah I love Kafka.


    Hm. Is this thread going to turn into a Kafka klatsch?


    Depends on whether anyone needs an explanation for my cryptic remark or not.


    squeak –



    BYmeidel- if you happen to live in the farrockaway/ five towns area there are a couple of older girls in the neighborhood who used to have the same problem (now their busy with jobs and college) so they started a basketball game on motzei shabbos they had a panel last time i couldn’t go 🙁 but i heard it was great! if you want the info i’d be more than happy to give it to you!and even better its for the whole community so you girls not just from ur skewl! (not that there are that many high schools here!)



    snowball fight!


    um, does anything exist beyond the realm of homework? 🙂

    but how on earth do you have free time motzei shabbos?! thats the bigger q…


    How about going online (with glatt kosher internet only of course!)and coming into the great YW Coffee Room and laughing at all the silly comments made by the rest of the bored frum BY girls like yourselves.

    or maybe you should join one of the – too many – coming outa my ears already- “shidduch crisis” debates on YW.

    this should keep you pretty busy.

    Proud Jew

    why did rabbi wallerstien not take the kiamishe bowling this year?


    Maybe because virtually all the girls are now on a better derech, B”H?

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