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    My daughter’s doctor recommended peppermint oil capsules for some minor stomach trouble she’s been having. I haven’t been able to find any with a hechsher, or even peppermint oil that is meant for oral use.

    Does anyone know where I can find them?


    use real peppermint tea

    available all over

    me too

    First ask your Rav, Find the largest empty Vegicaps, & push the oil capsules in. I did that for a while until I became disillusioned

    I don’t think puncturing the oil caps into the kosher caps will work


    Thanks for your suggestions. About the peppermint tea, I was under the impression that the peppermint oil caps are more potent, and one would need to drink many cups of it to get the same effect. Is that true?

    Be Happy

    Google “peppermint oil capsules” Look for those suitable for vegans. Hatzlocho.

    me too

    Be Happy good idea I have been there & done that a few years ago.

    Just to be sure I went to

    & found 2 brands who advertise Vegetarian and contain gelatin & glycerin

    me too

    MOD80 I doubt there is any oil in the tea, though some practitioners recommend it for “soothing” which might not be dependent on oil

    here is a copy of the Nutrition panel of a peppermint tea box

    Serving Size: 1 tea bag (2g)

    Makes: 8 fl. oz.

    Servings Per Container: 20

    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 0

    % Daily Value*

    Total Fat 0g 0%

    Sodium 0mg 0%

    Sugars 0g

    Protein 0g

    Be Happy

    Glycerin and gelatin do not need to be animal based!

    me too

    I know but how do you know vats vat?



    and if you look at the nutrition label for PAM which is 100% oil you will see fat content per serving: zero!

    those labels have all kinds of crazy legal loopholes


    “Frequently, “diet food” is not different from regular food. A loaf of bread claiming to have 25% fewer Calories per slice than the regular bread may actually be sliced 25% thinner and sell for a higher price than the regular bread. Reduction of the serving size is often used by manufacturers as a way of reducing the calories per serving. As a consequence, if the amount of fat or other nutrient falls below 0.5 gram per serving, the manufacturer may round it to zero. Coffee creamers, for example, may contain 30% or 40% fat, but by defining the serving size as one teaspoon, the manufacturer may claim that one serving has zero fat, even though one teaspoon may not be a sufficient amount to whiten a cup of coffee. It may take two or three servings to do the job. Examination of the weight of the serving sizes and the ingredients list can frequently be used to identify this type of misinformation.”


    peppermint tea contains peppermint oil

    in fact it contains the exact amout of peppermint oil that the Boreh put in it

    the intense smell of peppermint tea comes solely from the oil

    me too

    So peppermint oil ia not a fat according to the food chemists?

    Interesting indeed


    of course they hold it is a “fat”

    but what goes on the label is heavily determined by FDA regulation

    as i said above Pam is 100% canola oil

    look at the label

    0 gms of fat per serving

    thats because the made the serving size so small they are allowed to round the amount off to zero

    read my posts again

    Be Happy

    Canola oil is advised for those suffering with cholesterol because it has no fat. It is also used in factories on machines as it is not water soluble.

    me too

    mod 80 I Missed your 1st 2 posts about labeling. Interesting indeed!!

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