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    hey, i just got back from Lahav a few weeks ago and I had an AMAZING time. I’m so happy I decided to go 🙂 It’s true, we didn’t have as much free time as other seminaries but that’s because it’s only half a year so we have to have time to learn things, u know? and yes there is an extension till right before pesach


    Happy you had an amazing time!Can you specify what made it so amazing…. Were the girls all BY type? Were you stretched academically? What is the ‘extension program until Pesach like? who stays for it? Do you know how many girls Lahav accommodates? Need to make up my mind and not sure….


    just everything the whole Israel experience, all the amazing trips, the teachers were all so good and were so interesting…more or less they weren’t like the yeshivish type or anything but they were frum solid girls…it wasn’t so academic like we didn’t have to do so much work but it was an intense schedule we didn’t have so much free time like other seminaries because we were learning everything in just 4 months…the extension is like a “shana bet” it’s really for girls who are really serious about growing…I think Lahav wants like 50-60 girls which i think is just the right amount…I really think you should go, you will not regret it I wasn’t either sure but I’m so happy I went…if you have any more questions feel free to ask me


    thnx for answering! a few more questions…

    1. So what other sems would girls in lahav have applied to???

    2. How many girls in a dorm?

    3. i no you didnt get so much spare time but does that mean lessons from like 9 – 5 and then in the evening again?


    Most seminaries have classes from 8:30- 10 pmish, obviously there are breaks for lunch and dinner…


    some girls applied to seminar, meor…so most rooms had like 4 girls one room had 6 girls cuz it was very big…this was the schedule: sunday we had classes from 8:20 till 1:00 then an hour lunch break then classes till 7:00, dinner till 7:30 and then a kosel class till 8:15 and then we went to the kosel and got back at like 9:30. monday was classes till 6:00 with a 2hr lunch break and then we had chaburos at night. tuesday was till 10:30 pm with a break from 1-7:30. wednesday was also till 10 with chessed from 1-5:30 and thursday was tiyul day (sometimes we learned in the morning before we left and sometimes we learned after, it depended on the tiyul) and friday from 8:20 till 11:15…


    wow so it is quite intense!!! also what are the dorms like? and the food?!!?


    The dorm is actually pretty good compared to other seminaries. It’s more like in an apartment…it’s good dw, the food is also not so bad. lunch was always a main dish, salad, and a soup and supper was usually fleishigs. breakfast was yogurts, cereal,coffee etc…i’m telling you they feed you well…we all gained so much weight during the 4 months lol


    You mean to say 2 main meals a day???


    And one more thing…what Time is curfew?? Thnx so much for all the info…its really helpful!!


    breakfast, lunch, and supper…curfew was usually at 10:30 besides like motzei shabbos when it was 11:15 or like chanuka, succos…no problem 🙂


    I just got into lahav:) im not going w/ a/o does a/o no what type of girls they accepted this year I heard they were very slective


    Hey, same post, two threads, huh?


    Do you they accept young homeschoolers with some kind of diploma?


    u could always apply and ask them

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