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    If I need to lay off a number of employees, what is the best way and best time to inform them? Anything else that would be wise or helpful to do or ease the situation with?

    just me

    There is no good time. It will always be painful. Obviously, don’t do it right before a yom tov. They probably have an idea that something is coming if it is very slow.

    Hatzlacha raba for you and all your employees.

    Dr. Pepper

    Studies have shown that the best time to inform employees is Friday afternoon.


    Ideally, if you can find others in your line of work, who are looking to hire, make the people you are letting go aware of them and possibly make arrangements for employer/employee to meet.


    Dr. Pepper, they will go into Shabbos, not happy. not a good idea!


    Wouldn’t Friday give them all weekend and Shabbos to stew over it??

    Another name

    Obaminator, I don’t really think there is ever a good time for people to be laid off, but if you need to do it, try to give as much advance notice as possible, so that they can hopefully find a job in the meantime.


    I always heard that it is recommended that the layoff take effect immediately (perhaps so they can’t mess up things after they are notified) and you give them a certain number of weeks as severance pay.


    If you are laying someone off, the best time is the morning so that the employees don’t feel like they worked the whole day for nothing. This will give them time to get their belongings and say their goodbyes prior to the day being over.

    While the atmosphere might not be pleasant as the workers that are still working will be upset about their colleagues, you are just delaying the inevitable. If you let go of employees at the end of the day the following day the employees that still have their jobs will notice that their former coworkers are not there and will be upset over the job losses anyway and that they could not say goodbye. Also you might have to reassure your employees that hopefully there will not be more layoffs or your best employees might seek greener pastures for more job security before waiting to be let go of.

    Obviously while painful for both you and the employee,the employee might have doubts about their job performance which led to the firing. reassure them that it was due to a change in business and not their work that led to their being let go, and if possible give a severance package to all involved

    Additionally, if you are laying off people I am sure you exhausted all other options and it is a very hard decision for you and your company. I want to wish you further Hatzlacha in your business so you may begin to hire again and not have any parnassa worries


    If possible lay off frum yidden last.

    Another name

    Obaminator, that’s another fair solution. Hatzlacha rabah! Being the “bad guy” is never an easy thing to do.


    hatzlacha and may it go easy and smoothly. its never a good time just maybe a better of the worse

    a mamin

    Severence pay is definitely a way to ease the pain.

    ☕️coffee addict


    they would say it’s discrimination

    also it’s possible a frei yid would out perform the frum ones


    @abcd2: If the employees come to work and get laid off in the morning, mid-day or afternoon, by law they are entitled to THAT day’s pay.

    @Obominator: This must be a very difficult time for you.

    If I may add my 2 cents:

    Find a very good labor lawyer. Do not say anything to your employees until you know which terminology, words, phrases, by law you may use. The language/words you use can be detrimental depending on the background of a specific employee. I worked on Wall Street and “took notes” when there were layoffs. The law is very intricate and delicate and does NOT allow for mistakes the misuse of words or phrases.

    Fina a very good accountant who knows the unemployment laws in the state that you have your business.

    Set up an appointment for you, the labor lawyer and the accountant to make a game plan. Every penny has to be accounted for. Every word has to be perfect. I can’t say this enough. I can’t stress this enough.

    Ask them for any advise that you might need. Such as which day you should let your employees go/know.

    Much hatzlacha to you.

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