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    The reason for wearing a white tallis is based on a pasuk in Daniel 7:9 “His garment was white like snow”.

    But what is the reason for the black stripes?

    One reason I heard was that it is a zecher for tcheiles. But that cannot be because a)tcheiles is not black. b)stripes down the length of the garment does not resemble the tcheiles strings. c)who said to make a zecher for tcheiles?

    Another reason given, and it seems to be correct, is that in medieval Europe the priests would wear white cloaks, so the jews who lived in those lands added black stripes in order to be different than them. This explains why the jews living in Eastern countries (sefardim) wore all-white talleisim. However nowadays that reason no longer applies since the garb of priests is totally irrelevant and virtually unknown, and nobody wearing an all-white tallis would be thought to be following the priests (especially since there are many jews among us who wear all-white talleisim).

    I therefore humbly suggest that we wear all-white talleisim following the original Minhag Yisrael based on the pasuk quoted above.

    All intelligent comments are welcome.


    We do not and should not change our current mesorah-based minhagim.

    Next thread, please.


    what you are saying is what the Kaf Hachaim holds and others. The one who says the stripes are a zecher I believe it is the Terumas Hadeshen(have to find it).


    Ok found two sources which say to have a stripe or some blue for a zecher see the Leket Yosher talmidim of the terumas Hadeshen :


    the second source is the Eshel Avraham who quotes the Elya Rabbah see 6:


    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Some people do have blue stripes on their talleisim.


    The blue stripe is a zecher for techeiles (actually beged is supposed to be same color as strings so when there was techeiles this was lichatchila now it is just a zecher)

    When they made the medina they made the flagwhite with blue stripe to look like a tallis.

    After the flag the minhag was changed from blue to black in order not to look like the flag of the medina.


    Taleisim in pre-war Europe had black stripes.

    Israeli Chareidi

    Actually it is very likely that the t’cheiles was more black than it was blue. Many of the sources about t’cheiles point to that probability.

    No offence to those that claim to already be wearing t’cheiles intended.


    I proudly simulate the Techeiles on my lapel, with an Israeli Flag pin on my lapel.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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