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    shmoolik 1

    It would appear that our sefardic cousins/brothers had a different tradition in clothing

    I cannot imagine the Ben Ish Chai or The Abuchatzaira dynasty in black caftans and straimals or western suits and borsalino it is true that today they imitate the western dress but the previous generations did not look like shetel yids but had their own traditional garb differing from location to location from the Atlantic coast to the center of Asia

    so one may assume that we to “adopted clothing styles” along the long history of European exile


    Sam2: I respectfully disagree. I have read much of their writings and very often they do not cite any written sources at all. Besides, I think you’re missing the point. I am not saying this on my own. I heard this from my teachers who heard it from their teachers who heard it from their teachers etc. I do not need a written source. I will not address this point any further. Please focus on the main idea. If it does not appeal to you that’s ok, but I think I have sufficiently explained why a written source is unnecessary here.( All of torah after tanach was at some point part of the oral tradition, and was not written down. So why do you not question the ‘source’ of the entire talmud bavli or talmud yerushalmi safra sifrei tosefta etc.?)


    I am not a Chofetz Chaim guy, But I would think that Rav Hanoch Liebowitz ZT”L who was a Godol in his own right. I am sure he knew the Halacha

    You seem to question a Gadol to pursue your own agenda.


    2Sense: Chazal had a Mesorah that we know without a doubt went back to Moshe at Har Sinai. I don’t have the same obligation to know that you have such a Mesorah.

    Avi K

    2cents, there is, in fact, a great difference of opinion among poskim regarding the palce of Kabbala in pesak. As for your reasons, they are in the realm of hashkafa. While hashkafa certainly effects pesak that is only where the halachic sources are equivocal. In any case, you certainly have no right to condemn those who do not follow your sartorial tastes as there is a wide variety in the halachic conmmunity – including talmidei chachamim and poskim.


    Zahavasdad: Have you learned the sefer written by the Chafetz Chaim? I think it was others who questioned a Gadol to pursue their own agenda. Besides, there were/are plenty of Gedolim who recommend keeping the beard.(By the way my point was not so much that they advocate removing the beard, but rather that a yeshiva called Chafetz Chaim should have different views than the Chafetz Chaim himself had. By the way I don’t think the Chafetz Chaim was a big fan of purple shirts and going to college either but that’s another subject…)


    2sense, was Chafets Chaim a fan of putting all Frum people on the wellfare rolls?


    As for the caftan and turban, while unnecessary, it is certainly better than jeans and baseball cap-the preffered levush of many wannabe goyim.

    I guess that makes me a goy, at least in your eyes.

    I do usually wear jeans, as that is what’s comfortable. I do, on occasion, wear a baseball cap. It’s unfortunate you feel the need to come up with these off-the-wall pronouncements. Perhaps you should worry less about what other people are wearing and worry more about what you need to learn for bein adam l’chaveiro.


    mdd: no he was not, but he was a fan of living very simply, and that can be done without going to college. I agree with 2sense 100%(a rarity for me).

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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