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    HELP!! my kids class is infested with lice…my kid is so far bli ayin hara doesn’t have it and I wanted to know if there are any things in should be doing that would prevent us from getting lice??


    You can try combing his hair with vinegar. But you should check every day anyway, you might have missed something. Change his yarmulka to a new one just in case, and tell him not to get too close to anyone.


    Shampoo products with tea tree oil. Arbonne has something with that in it. I’m not sure what other products do. Like aries said, check daily. Make sure to use conditioner before checking to get rid of all tangles. This is a problem for a long time with kids (at least here in EY). My 12yo is still battling it because of girls in her class.


    combing and checking is the only sure way to do it.


    Shave off all your kids hair! That is what I do and my kids have never had a problem!


    If it’s a girl tell her not to share hair objects with her friends (shouldn’t be done on a regular basis anyway) and her coat should not be hung up near the other ones because lice do jump.

    Her hair should not be worn down like in a headband or something, definitely in a ponytail.

    I’ve also heard that Pantene shampoo prevents lice. I know when I was in seminary, I made sure to use it every other night and b”H never got lice or nits. Don’t know if this is the reason why but it might be worth a try, for your sake that is.

    Good luck!!!


    Also, try washing your kid’s clothes and bed clothes in HOT water. I heard a piece on the radio that the cold water detergents that allow the use of warm or cold water for laundry to prevent wrinkles just results in very clean lice.


    If you have a daughter, braid her hair very tight and keep it close to the head. No sharing brushes at all. Have her stuff her jacket into her knapsack at school if the cubbies are very close together.


    dont live in a dump


    I gave a really good tip which would be really helpful.

    It’s a shame that it was deleted.


    soliek, it’s not a matter of living in a dump. This is a very big problem in EY and I live in a new area in a new apartment, but it’s still a problem. I definitely keep my girls in ponytails and check as often as possible, particularly if there is an outbreak.

    I have heard of one method of “suffocating” them. I wash the hair with the tea tree oil, leave it on the hair and cover the head with a tichel for about 1/2 hour. Afterwards, I rinse the hair, put conditioner in and comb through before rinsing, then rinse the hair and use the comb to check through. A lot of the lice are already dead, having suffocated from the shampoo.

    Another method I heard is to use baby oil on the hair and comb through. It makes combing easy and supposedly the nits come out with this technique as well, but the hair is greasy for days. afterwards.


    someone told me to use conditioner every time i bathe my children. The ‘conditioner leaves a thin coat of some sort of residue that makes it harder for lice to hold onto.


    miritchka, I wish that was a solution. I have 3 girls and always use conditioner and have still struggled at times with lice.


    soliek: we’re talking head lice, not body lice


    Have the school have lice check come to the school and make sure the ENTIRE school gets checked.


    supergirl: the schools is Israel do not check the students, that’s why it’s much more common.

    I heard synthetic vinegar (in Israel that’s the clear one as opposed to the yellow one) keeps the lice away. Also, combing through the hair with a lice comb and conditioner 2x a week will ensure that even if your child catches one or two it will be out before it can spread and reproduce.

    Good Luck! (One of the lesser pleasant things abt living in Israel, nothing to do about it.)


    showring and general good hygene is the best way to prevent any disease


    umm, it’s not true that they don’t check kids in Israeli schools, maybe not in all, but don’t make a blanket statement as they do check periodically in my girls’ school.

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