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    Did you know that hair conditioner smothers lice?

    Rub a liberal amount of conditioner into the hair, leave for 20 minutes and that kills all the lice (but not the nits).

    Lice take around 10 days to hatch and another 14 days until they reach maturity and lay their own eggs.

    Therefore, if you repeat the conditioner treatment every few days for the next 10 days, that will get rid of all the lice which have hatched since the previous treatment, without any louse being old enough to lay new eggs.


    Oh well, that didn’t garner much interest. And there was me thinking it was [almost] the best thing since sliced bread.

    How about a natural way of getting rid of toenail fungus? Anyone interested?


    The really pesticide-resistant louse (vantz) in Pakistan needed to be removed with a whole team of seals.


    the conditoner smothers them, but you can not just do the conditioner treatment. you must also comb the nits out with a special comb. Otherwise the nits will end up on clothing and bed linens and those can hatch and restart the cycle. There is still no way around the combing out the nits.


    shev143: you just taught me something new. I always assumed nits had to remain on a head to hatch, but I’ve just googled it and you’re right, they can live a few days off a scalp. They can’t hatch in room temperature, though, as they need the warmth of blood temperature. It’s apparently rare to catch lice from bed-linen, etc.

    In any case, this method is a complement to, not replacement for, regular hair combing. The conditioner itself isn’t enough since children can pick up new lice every day from friends. It does help when dealing with an outbreak – the conditioner kills the lice (no need for those nasty pesticides) and then you go back to preventive combing.


    nobody wants to admit that anyone they know has ever had lice. but, i agree, still must comb. vinegar is supposed to loosen the nits. also, even better than just putting on conditioner is to put on conditioner and then wrap hair in seran wrap for a few hours (can be overnight). then rinse out hair. put in tons of conditioner again, and then comb.

    do this every few days, until totally gone (cuz you might have missed some nits. and then once a week for a few weeks, just to be completely sure.

    what’s the toenail fungus cure?


    binah: Toenail fungus cure: vinegar.

    The nail that has already grown out of the skin is dead. You can’t do anything to change it. What you need to do is prevent the fungus growing on the new nail growth. The vinegar does that.

    (I found it on the internet a few years back. You’ll probably find it if you do a search.)


    thanks. 🙂


    chocandpatience: What is synthetic vinegar?

    About toe nail fungus: Just last week I read up on on getting rid of toe nail fungus and a few people said that they had good results with Vicks Vaporub. They said to rub it in at least 4-5 times a week and results were visibble after 3 months. I just started doing it, so I don’t know if it works.


    spiral: synthetic vinegar – acetic acid rather than wine vinegar, etc.

    I do vaguely remember reading about the vaporub suggestion when I was researching it. Then, I decided to go for the vinegar treatment.


    How can that help toenail fungus, when the fungus is UNDER the nail?



    Nail fungus: just see a doctor. You’ll spend more time and money on OTC stuff.

    Lice: I send my kids to camp with special shampoo and spray-on conditioner as a preventative. Something with rosemary, mint and tea tree oil (google Fairy Tales Hair Care).


    wanderingchana: doctors would probably give Lamisil. With its risks, it doesn’t seem worth it for what is really a cosmetic problem. It isn’t guaranteed either and the fungus may return when the drugs are stopped.

    You’re right that many alternative treatment for nail fungus are expensive and ineffective. That’s why I suggest vinegar, which is cheap. At the worst, you’ve wasted a little time and a few pennies.


    Lice actually prefer clean hair-so getting lice is nothing to be ashamed of. Best Advice?

    1. Light bulb light is junk when trying to see lice and nits- outdoor light( or florescent light) is best.

    2. Buy yourself a comfortable pair of magnifying/reading glasses- sometimes available in dollar stores. Wear these to help you see the nits.

    3. If it is a girl with long hair who has lice- use a flat iron ( a hair straightening device). Use EXTREME CAUTION near young children- it gets hot and stays hot for a while even when off- so it can burn someone if not used correctly! It cannot be used on the scalp because it would burn the scalp, but a good flat iron, in my opinion, used correctly on the rest of the hair will fry the lice and nits when dragged along the hair strands. Because you cannot do the entire head at the same time, it is not a foolproof way to eliminate the lice-lice may jump from one area to another- but a flat iron can probably save hours of Nit picking! To get lice to get away from the scalp and go onto the hair strands before you flat iron-aim a very warm blow dryer at your child’s scalp- the lice will run from it!

    4.Use spiking gel- a hair product not usually used in frum families- to make hair stiff. If it can immobilize hair, I can’t imagine that it won’t immobilize the louse as well and prevent it from attaching to the scalp to feed. Unlike vaseline, spiking gel should be able to wash out of the hair when it is no longer needed.

    5. If your child has lice- focus your time on the child’s hair and bedding. Don’t worry about cleaning and dusting the house, vacuuming all carpets etc. It is highly unlikely that these areas will reinfect your child- or infect the others( unless there is one very favorite spot where your child usually lies down or sits.) You will have enough to do- so spend your time on the child’s hair.

    Also, if you google “head lice remedies”, you may find some more good ideas. Good luck-I do not envy you- lice is no fun!


    thanks mom23 for your tips.


    Thank you. I have been through it and it is not fun!

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