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    Anyone think it’s possible (notice I didn’t say believe) that life exists on other worlds? Why do you think it’s possible, if you do? Are there any Jewish sources that deal with this issue? I’d prefer hearing the positives, as I’m already familiar with the negative arguments, and I find them to be quite provincial and flat. Of course you are entitled to your beliefs, but I’m looking to see if anyone else in the frum velt has any positive outlooks on this topic? Thanks


    So I’m not going to post a comment here since my feeling is in the negative.

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    I wonder if the people on other worlds have already connected to our Internet and are posting on our Coffee Room. That might explain some of Joseph’s exotic IPs

    on the ball

    Naturalselection: There is another thread that discusses this at length.

    Some sources (Or Hashem of Rabenu Kraskas) indicate the possibility of life on other worlds but not intelligent life capable of moral choices as that would pose a problem with there being only one Torah


    The Torah does not begin with an Aleph, I heard it is a small clue that there wasare different worlds besides this one…not sure if the worlds are physical or spiritual….


    I believe it is possible.


    What about the Rashi on Shirat Devorah – “OORO MEROZ” – that Meroz was a star whose inhabitants didn’t come to belp Devorah and Balak?


    Derech Hamelech: I see what you did there. Cute. 🙂

    ZachKessin: Do you mean audio lectures from scientists about the current forefront of discovery? Or do you mean tapes from rabbonim that discuss the implications of the latest discoveries?

    On the ball: Maybe those beings were left by Hashem to use the Torah of Seichel, which is a kind of Torah? Or maybe they were given another guide by Hashem, which would still leave one and only Torah. Or maybe they never ‘fell’ from whatever Eden they were placed in initially? I don’t see how your kasha poses a problem, could you please elaborate? Thanks


    While the reference in Shir Devora points to inhabitants of a star, it also points to a kind of inhabitants that aren’t bound by distance.

    on the ball

    Zachessin and cantankerous – as believing Jews we hold that life appeared on Earth not as the result of any ‘likelihood’ of it doing so spontaneously with the right ingredients but as an act of creation by G-d.

    Therefore I would say on the contrary – it is more UNLIKELY that life as we know it exists on other planets.

    What you’ve stated about life forming quickly and inevitably with the right ingredients is factually incorrect. No scientist to date, even with all the ingredients that are known to form living cells, has come even close to creating even the most simple single-celled organism.

    They have even tried taking a live single cell, emptying its contents, and then putting it back together. Totally unsuccessful. Life is more than the sum of its physical aspects.

    NaturalSelection: The Torah of Seichel cannot be an ultimate guide to right and wrong without a G-d given Torah. If there is no guide from a higher moral authority ch’v then no concept of right or wrong exists in a true sense . The entire universe including humanity is then just a bunch of atoms interacting meaninglessly. So if extra-terrestrial beings can make moral choices, those would have to be based on the only moral guide that truly exists – the Torah, which they won’t have on another planet.


    The Boreh caused grass and rabbits to sprout everywhere. could this include other worlds. i suppose so. no reason to think so but i suppose it could be.

    but He only created ONE Odom.

    only ONE creation did He breathe into of Himself. only ONE creation that has Tzelem Elokim.

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    I do not speculate very much as to whether there is or is not life in outerspace. But I know this, Hashem created this universe for the purpose of Creating Israel and bringing our people to the forefront of our day. That said I personally do not believe that our universe will ever be detroyed (Noah story) and that there is a possiblity that in the very very very distant future, man will take to the stars. Perhaps G-d has planted other life on the other planets for our own edification. But I do not expect that there is another planet of people who are created to serve our Creator in the way that our people exist today. I do not believe in a parallel universe where there might be another sentient people who know our Creator, though it is an interesting considering to speculate and wonder about.

    That said, what you see here on Earth is what it is about.

    The Jewish people have a mission and God created this universe to give us Torah.

    Do you think that there is Torah in another part of universe? That is the interesting question. But I profess that I believe that we are it on this lonely crazy planet and that the other planets if they have a people they are only for the benefit of our Existence as we are the ones who have Torah.


    The Boreh caused grass and rabbits to sprout everywhere. could this include other worlds. i suppose so. no reason to think so but i suppose it could be.

    but He only created ONE Odom.

    only ONE creation did He breathe into of Himself. only ONE creation that has Tzelem Elokim.

    This is the opinion of the Sefer haBris. Baruch She’Kivanta.

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