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    minyan gal


    its always divine

    To offer in rhyme

    The oft strong opinion

    Of little miss minyan

    Given whenever there’s time.

    Shticky Guy

    We just had Rosh Chodesh Adar

    Which tells us that Purim’s not far

    So let us restart

    For those posters most smart

    This limerick thread repertoire

    Of costumes original and funny

    Like Mr Bean or of Buggs Bunny

    Or a shlach monos idea

    You saw in Korea

    Or good ways to bring in some money

    Good Purim Torah we will appreciate

    And the author of it you should indicate

    (This important feedback

    Brings Moshiach as payback)

    If unsure then please could you estimate

    Make your own Purim categories

    Of humor or your Purim stories

    We look forward indeed

    To your limericks to read

    But if you can not then no worries

    Mishenichnas Adar marbim besimcha

    We’re soon gonna lein the Megilla

    Then please do not flunk

    The best time to be drunk

    As is brought down several times in Kabbalah

    Will you dress as a Mexican wall

    Or similar ideas of gall

    But ensure there’s decorum

    Within every quorum

    While davening under your shawl

    Cause Purim’s extremely Holy

    So every Tefillah say it slowly

    And you can achieve

    More than you can believe

    No Tzaddik has the Monopoly

    Your davenning nissim you can tell us

    Without risking making us jealous

    How something you needed

    Thru tefillah you succeeded

    To avodas Hashem it will propel us


    Welcome back, Shticky Guy,

    You’ve been away so long,

    But no one knows why.

    To us it doesn’t matter,

    So long as you drop by,

    To hear my atrocious limericks,

    That’s why.


    Purim is coming

    Let’s gorge on hamentashens

    Megillah Esther


    So shticky decides to pop in,

    To bring us a smile or a grin,

    No thread could allure him

    Just prepping for Purim

    And remind us to daven to win


    If anyone has the patience to dig up the old haiku thread, could they please post it for lightb?

    Dr. Pepper

    My time in the Coffee Room has finally expired.
    My screen name is officially being retired.
    It was fun,
    But I’m done.
    If I decide to post again a new SN will be required.


    Dr. Pepper, say it ain’t so,
    We truly don’t want to see you go.
    Please come back and stay,
    And have a decaf to brighten up your day.
    April the First isn’t the only time,
    That we want to read your pearls of wisdom in a day.

    Dr. Pepper

    After a very long, painful intermission
    My wife finally gave her permission
    I can post today
    Then go away
    And present my resignation for re-submission.


    Resignation not accepted
    After all, you cannot be bested
    We expect you every year
    Disappoint us, don’t you dear
    We will speak to the Mrs.
    To make sure you brief absence can be handled
    Once you do reappear
    Our spirits will be lifted high

Viewing 10 posts - 801 through 810 (of 810 total)
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