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    I find it a lot more engaging when I know that I’m watching and participating in a live shiur than when I listen to a recorded one. Does anyone know if there’s a list of such shiurim available, or could people post info about such shiurim. Lav Davka Zoom, any other vehicle would also be good as long as one can watch it live. Also is there somewhere where one can find chavrusas for daf yomi? Thanks for any help anyone can give.


    Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky gives an online shiur but it is not free. Go to Rabbiorlofsky dot com for details.


    @lowertuition, I believe there is a free trial. Are you on it as well?


    Unless the shiur is set up so the visual component being broadcast is of the gemara, perhaps with the piece being discussed (of gemara, Rashi or Tosafos) highlighted, there isn’t much advantage of a gemera shiur being visual as opposed to pure audio. It also means everyone involved needs to dress up nicely and make sure the background of their seating is something you want strangers to see.


    I give a Daf Yomi Shiur every day at 8:00 PM Israeli time, which is 1:00 PM EST (we might start a few minutes late). It is a one hour Shiur. I read the Gemara inside, and speak out Rashi, Ikar Tosfos, and usually some other Rishonim, Acharonim, and some Halachah. You are welcome to try it out with no obligations! Here is a link – no password necessary.

    Meeting ID: 535 598 3017

    no nonsense

    Rav Moshe Meir Weiss Shlita


    Charging money for a gemara shiur? That is definitely a hidush, and not a good one.


    I agree with akuperma. I participate in a Zoom Daf Yomi shiur and I just dial in. I’m usually in my PJs.


    I don’t charge, but why is it such a Chidush? Many fine Magidei Shiur make a living that way. It takes hours to prepare a good Shiur, which is worth money. The Gemara permits charging money for teaching Torah for a number of reasons. Besides, people value more greatly what they pay for.


    Rabbi Orlofsky is not charging for the shiur. There are expenses in the cost of the streaming and backend of the technology needed. nothing stopping you from travelling to EY and attending for free, in person. As another poster mentioned their is a one week free trial. for more details https://www.rabbiorlofsky dot com/dafyomi.

    Participant has many wonderful shiurim of all kinds – some audio and some visual. Some faster and some slower. Some with excellent graphics (Daf Review).
    Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz’s live zoom visual shiur is fantastic.
    6:15 am New York time. Sundays and National holidays at 7:45 am.


    Does it davka have to be zoom – (there are many great shiurim on torahanytime I personally prefer not to watch live on zoom so I can stop the shiur as needed and read Artscroll notes/ Gemara inside) ; Three shiurim I highly recommend : (my favorite is) Rabbi Eli Stefansky’s Daf Shiur (is available live on zoom)- he explains and breaks down complex sugyos very clearly and uses helpful visual aids (Rabbi Stefansky also very personable/down to earth and pepper shiur with humor/stories/mussar – even sing whenever the Gemara has words that fit to a zemer – see today’s shiur 97 for a sample of this) – on zoom it is ZOOM:
    PW: MDY (its usually late at night US time)
    YouTube –  .com/user/edive and of course Torahanytime .com (search by today’s daf 97 and click on Rabbi Stefansky’s shiur)
    I also recommend Daf Hachaim Rabbi Shlomie Schwartzberg : on and also youtube  .com/channel/UC21LKkQtoBO6B1DK_IhCAtw Rabbi Schwartzberg also makes use of visual aids (powerpoint) Rabbi Schwartzberg I would say is a bit more comprehensive than Rabbi Stefansky (he covers every point of the daf thoroughly) and I find myself going to his shiur if Rabbi Stefansky did not thoroughly cover an inyan to my taste – I should point out that I personally like daf shiurim that are essentially inside on the daf and not too much outside iyun unless relevant to the sugya or to briefly add some flavor (for example Rabbi Elephant on OU is an amazing magid shiur but too much off the daf iyun for a daf shiur in my opinion) finally i also echo another post that Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss is an excellent shiur also found on especially if you are pressed for time – Rabbi Weiss is very experienced and knows how to keep the shiur clear and concise (although also peppered with a vort/mussar/humor from time to time)- Rabbi Slansky on also gives a good concise shiur if you are looking for a younger magid shiur). Also if you understand Yiddish Rabbi Rubin on (the last 5 minutes or so of every daf shiur he gives over a bit of mussar or other Aggadic insight (often with a chassidishe taam) that is very inspirational – also they now have on a 7/8 minute iyun shiur by Rabbi Katz on an iyun topic that is good if you are looking for some iyun/lomdus. Finally let me conclude by saying if you have time for Tosafos (artscroll now amazingly coming out withTtosafos in English) a great Daf resource that has Tosafos in english is https://dafyomi click on the tosafos link (great for Sunday afternoons when there is more time to learn)


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