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    I heard from a rav that it is assur to listen to music while eating a meal zecher lechurban. Anyone know why every time I mention this everyone tells me “it’s not my minhag”? Is it a minhag, halacha, hanhaga or what????


    Do we hear music at weddings during dinner? There’s your answer about halacha vs, minhag. According to some poskim, it is assur to listen to music, period, since the churban. Most people do not hold that way, and it would be too much tircha d’tzibur to follow that.


    I’m almost sure it’s a halacha. the reason we listen to music at chasunas while eating is because one is allowed to listen to music while eating a seudas mitzva.


    As I understand, I’m too lazy to look up the shulchan oruch, the minhag is not to eat meat and listen to music at the same time.

    Whether this applies to some background music, as in a restaurant is debatable.

    Music used to be something rare and not easily available, nowadays, to avoid thinking, everyone plugs in to some kind of mind filling music. It is so commonplace that it barely elevates one to a higher state of simcha.


    yeah, thanx sdhkn about the seudas mitzvah-I 4got that part.

    jewish girl

    i think its when you eat meat and bread together thats what i heard but its a halacha not a minhag


    The Halacha is (one of the takanos after chorban bayis rishon but it’s a halacha) one may not eat a seuda with bread/something you wash for while listening to music besides for a seudas mitzva, regardless if there’s meat or not.Unfortunately many people are not aware a) of this concept b) that it’s a halacha and not a chumra/minhag.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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