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    I had a CD that I have listened to for the last few(5,6???) years while I cleaned for pesach. It gets me into a working mood and gives me the extra spring in my step that I need to accomplish all the hard parts.However, this year I started cleaning a few days ago and I cannot find the CD anywhere! I miss the cheerful music terribly while I work. Am I allowed to borrow it from a neighbor and download it onto my computer if I know that I own this CD but I am just not sure where it is? I am sure that it will turn up over the next two months during my cleaning spree!!!

    Is this allowed or do I have to go out and buy a new copy of the CD????


    Rav Belsky says copying your neighbor’s CD is permitted in this case:


    If it (a CD you purchased – icot) breaks, and I hadn’t made a copy, can I borrow the same title from a friend, and then make a copy for myself?


    If it breaks and you had forgotten to make a backup, does that mean you are now stuck, and have to go out and buy another original version of the tape or CD? I would say that you could act as if you had been wise and prudent in the beginning, and could make a backup now – by making a copy from someone who has one. The producer of the tape or CD doesn’t expect there to be two users who buy three originals. His intention is that there are two users who buy two original copies. You’re not taking away from his business, or causing him a loss.

    I think it can be done because you had the right to do this before you lost it. You just assumed that you wouldn’t break or lose it.

    source: http://www.torah.org/learning/honesty/question82.html

    (finally, I can bring down a makil psak on this issue ?)


    So if I find a CD in a situation which I can halachicly keep it does that mean that I don’t have whatever rights the original owner had because the original owner still retains some rights?


    What CD was it?

    Give us the pep-in-the-step-cleaning experience.


    Since you already paid for a license to own one CD, it would be within the terms of the license to repair/replace a broken CD. Ownership of a CD is not a contract to own the piece of plastic – it’s the right to listen to the contents. This isn’t even a fair use issue.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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