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    Do you play? what would you do if you won?


    Occasionally and only $1.

    My theory is that if HKBH wants me to win, all I need is one. If He doesn’t want me to win, buying a million won’t help.

    I haven’t thought about what I would do if I won.

    The Wolf

    (Yes, I know He could also cause me to find the winning ticket on the street. So I’m not logical – sue me.)


    Every once in a while…but only 1 set of numbers.

    Ah to win $100 million…I would pay off my shul mortgage, buy a house or apartment in Israel, both my husband and I would quit our jobs to raise our family, offer my BIL a chance to learn full time, and travel more.

    I would also try to establish a low(er) cost school locally.


    There is so much good I would, I wouldnt even know where to start!

    But on the fun side, quit my job, spend more time learning and travel…I wouldn’t mind updating my house and car 🙂


    SJS- i thought you would say that now you can have cleaning help:)


    I dont play Lotto because my personal understanding of how Hashem operates, is that he wants man to earn his money because we appreciate what we work for and therefore anyone He really loves and cares about, He will not give them the money via lotto.

    minyan gal

    A friend of mine who is a psychiatrist maintains that playing the lottery (in great moderation) is a good thing. “For a dollar week you buy a dream and we must always keep dreaming” is his motto.

    If I were lucky enough to win a large amount, the first million would go to my shul – then……who knows – would invest it and just use the interest, at least for awhile until I made some decisions. My children and grands would be well looked after. Of course, you can only win if you have a ticket and usually forget to buy one. BTW, here in Canada all lottery winnings are taxfree.


    Wolf- I agree with your theory and its not illogical at all. After all- you have to do some form of hishtadlus.


    Blinky, maybe, but I don’t need to win the lottery for that. Just double my salary 🙂



    Hishtadlus is working to make a living. Lotto is spending your money on entertainment.

    Statistics show that most people who win the lotto end up ruining their lives.

    Read this:

    The authors of a book about how success often destroys families, Begin and LePage said they know firsthand the destruction sudden wealth can cause.

    Begin said he has had a couple of lottery winner clients, and has studied and worked with people whose net worth is $5 million or more.

    Statistics show lottery winners often go bankrupt, get divorced and have family feuds, he said.

    Part of the problem is that many lottery winners are average Joes who have no experience handling huge sums of money. So, they buy and invest without realizing what it will cost to maintain the houses they buy or to pay their taxes.


    WIY-cant we just have a fun conversation here?? And how is one “earning” a living when they go to door for donations…just sayin 🙂 Now, what would I drive??



    The evidence that you brought (while correct in and of itself) does not support the premise you put forth.

    The reason that most people squander their winnings is largely because most people are poor money managers to begin with. Giving a person with poor money management skills lots of money doesn’t magically transform him into a great money manager — it just gives him lots of more opportunities to make mistakes.

    But whether or not buying a ticket counts as hishtadlus or entertainment (and I can the case being made either way) really has nothing to do with whether or not people squander the winnings away after they get it.

    The Wolf



    You are correct. I was saying both points, 1 that I believe that lotto isnt Hishtadlus for us common folk and 2. winning the lottery isnt necessarily a good thing.


    Wasn’t it the Chofetz Chaim who promised to give away any winning after hiis rebbetzin purchased a ticket without consulting him?

    So many winners got divorced and had all sorts of problems from their newfound wealth, that they rued the day they bought their winning ticket.


    The Lubavitcher Rebbe said it is permisable to buy a ticket, but just one…


    as a “chesed” i will give u some info u might not know.

    u can send a ck and be in every drawing, no more forgetting to buy tickets, no more checking them, etc..


    There is a story about a Rav (not sure who) who said that his hishtadlus for parnassah was to buy a lottery ticket once a year.

    I doubt that anyone in this generation is on that level.


    . . . a tax on the statistically ignorant.


    . . . a tax on the desperately hopeful.


    I bought a ticket (the $1 kind) a few days after my 18th birthday. I pretty much said if Hashem wants me to win, it might as well be now.

    If I won, I would not spend the money all at once. I would limit myself to using 150,000 a year… This way I wouldn’t go “sick with new-found wealth.”

    If I won, I would pay off all mortgages and debts of my family, open up my own BY, start a Yeshiva in a small Torah community, give tzedakah – especially to people in E’Y, invest and save it. I would still work – although not as much.


    . . . a tax on

    … people who play lotteries. 🙂

    (OK, so it’s a tautology — sue me. 🙂 )

    The Wolf

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