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    Canceling the Baba Sally Revelry

    MK Regev: “Henelized government – at (non Yid) New Year’s Eve party they do not hurt”

    News 0404, 29/12/2021

    Incumbent Miri Regev attacked the government over the cancellation of Baba Sally’s revelry and called it a “Mithyavnim government.”
    MK Regev: “The MITYAVNIM government is eliminating Baba Sally’s revelry, a long-standing tradition. But at (non-Yid) “New Year”‘s party venues they do not hurt. What hypocrisy and double standards “


    I think protecting religious people at Baba Sali is more important than the NY goers, so they are doing the right thing. Not only because Baba Sali attendants are likely to be more religious, but also
    – NY goers are probably younger
    – those who party at NY, will party anyway. Those who go to Baba Sali don’t do it daily, so protecting them will be more effective!
    – They can well daven to be protected and we do not want to rely on miracles that will diminish schut of these people in olam habo!


    Israeil politicians are selfish while there citizens starve.


    Dear AAQ.
    She wasn’t talking about the protecting part..but about the double standards, anti-Haredi stand/s.


    And Female Firefighters can’t wear beards


    Shalom, I understand. But Hashem protects us through numerous unexpected ways.

    for a more dramatic example, some German Jews in early 1930s were complaining that they were discriminated against and are not accepted as true German nationalists … Could you imagine how even more horrible the WW2 were, if German Jews were accepted into the NSDAP?


    Please don’t get me wrong. Chas veShalom my words are not Klapei Shmaya… but about the injustices by Bennet’s coalition…


    Update on Chaim Mizrahi by anti Haredi beating. Please daven

    חיים בן שושנה לרפואה שלמה


    Update re HAIM MIZRACHI:

    The police officers suspected of attacking Haim Mizrahi in Jerusalem were removed for four days

    * Notice from the Department of Police Investigations: *
    We are pleased to update that the Police Investigations Department today investigated three police officers, including an officer, with a warning on suspicion of assaulting a civilian during his arrest in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem last week. The officers were also questioned on suspicion of obstruction of justice.

    At the end of the investigation, the three were removed from the police stations for four days and were forbidden to contact those involved regarding the investigation.

    The investigation is still ongoing.

    Best regards,

    Leahy Schlernik
    Jerusalem District Spokeswoman
    Information and Communication Spokesperson Division Department of Justice


    ARIEL ELHARAR Tweeted:

    Documentation from Mea Shearim two months ago: Police officers enter the Toldot Aharon Shuk and arrest an uninvolved guy

    You must see this!
    About two months ago, the police made arrests in Mea Shearim, when they passed the Toldot Avraham Yitzhak Shul, a cup of coffee was thrown at them, without thinking too much, the policemen entered the beit midrash and looked for someone to arrest, just caught a guy with no connection to the incident, beat him violently unjustifiably. ..

    By chance, the guy learned there’s a camera in the beit midrash, went and searched until he found the documentation to send it to me. Now imagine if it was not documented?

    Ahh ,,, surprised.
    One of the policemen who beat him violently is also complicit in the violent arrest of Haim Mizrahi.


    In addition to all other avanos, it is also bizayon for meis midrash: the only reason one can bring coffee there is to drink in order to learn better.

    If just one student from the beit midrash throws coffee at policemen, the whole yeshiva should do soul-searching and fast, or at least not allow coffee in beis midrash for a week. They should also give out free coffee to all passing policemen if they agree to say a brocha.

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