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    I was in Eshes Chayil class and my teacher tells us that she was reading a magazine. And they had an ad for sheitels and this is what it said, “sheitels look edible”… I promise you everyone was in shock that this jewish concept was used with the word “edible” when this term sounds like an un jewish song!

    Edible is that normal for something so holy?

    This is what the Jewish ad is coming to for people buy?


    It doesn’t even makes sense.When I see HAIR in my food,I want to sue the chef.


    A wig is holy? Why then did the Chatham Sofer, in his ethical will, prohibit his daughters from wearing one?


    I don’t see the problem. My mother is always saying her grandchildren are so delicous, she could eat them up!


    How many carbs per serving?


    I’m with eclipse on this one. Before we discuss whether there was chutzpah involved in the article we need to figure out why calling hair “edible” makes sense.


    does the strawberry blonde wig taste like strawberrys?


    Why is the class discussing some typo in a random advertisement?


    maybe the incr before the edible was inadvertently left out


    Eshes chayil class????????????????????

    does that mean the boys are in Talmid Chochom class?


    Reminds me of an ad for wooden skirts


    i second mod 80’s comment


    2 questions:

    1. What on earth is Eshes Chayil class?

    2. Why does “edible” sound like “an un Jewish song”?


    so the question is, which is worse? the fact that the teacher did not realize it was a typo or that the teacher thought it was an issue?


    BasYisroel, that is a little bit of an overreaction, don’t you think? First of all, a wig is not holy, by any stretch of imagination, certainly not any holier than a hat, or a tichel, or snood. If I drop it on the ground, I won’t kiss it when I pick it up. A frum married woman WEARING a wig, is BEHAVING with kedusha, and therein lies a big difference.

    The “everyone” who was shocked, need to take a chill pill. Not everything is meant to be offensive to your sensibilities, and not everything is disrespectful.

    While I personally do not see the point in calling it “edible” (except, as was pointed out, we sometimes say someone is so beautiful or adorable, i.e. our aineklach, that they look delicious or “good enough to eat”), I guess the person who wrote the ad copy was trying to convey that the wig is really, really gorgeous.

    Now I have to go cough up a hairball.


    Just a guess, but perhaps she was taking a class on ‘Eishes Chayil’ as in the last perek in misheli?


    it was not a typo , good.jew .. she thought it was but come on society today they would write anything just to sell…


    2 questions that LAer:

    1. What on earth is Eshes Chayil class? its the song that shlomo hamelech wrote, we are learning it in depth

    2. Why does “edible” sound like “an un Jewish song”? i think your able to figure it out on your own its inappropriate for me to say it.


    It was definitely a typo, since it does not make any sense.

    They would write anything to sell, but this would not sell- it has no meaning, neither crude nor prude.


    Also, maybe shaitels have a din of tashmishei mitzvah so they would have some sort of kedusha. maybe.


    wouldnt edible shaitels lead to hair balls like cats get?


    Not everyone uses a graphic designer, not every graphic designer is talented. What can I tell you? People need to use common sense when advertising. Everyone thinks they are talented at what they do or their kid is. “Look how adorable this ad is that my daughter made, lets go with it.” Does it make sense? Not necessarily but my daughter did it, isn’t it adorable? She is so talented. NOT!

    There are many advertisements that you see that don’t make sense, that is impossible to read, that you can’t really tell what they are trying to sell, or are too crowded to even bother with. It is not worth “discussing in a shiur”. It was supposed to be cute. The advertiser thought is was cute and it would promote business. Obviously she was wrong. It wasn’t worth devoting an entire shiur to. When she realizes that it didn’t do anything for her bottom line, she will change the ad.

    As for the shiur, I am sure the time would have been better spent on something more appropriate.


    I’m with Basyisroel (and the teacher) on this one. From some of the names of the nail polish thread, “edible” was no type-o.

    Sad to say, ads from shaitle companies are only slightly different from ads in the secular hair-care industry.

    They aim to sell a product, and use the most effective method known to mankind.

    No, I don’t think its a type-o


    i dont understand this whole thread

    some kind of undertone of something

    if anyone thinks some of these posts or the whole thread should be deleted, post that

    i really dont understand what is going on here.


    80, Neither do I. I had thoght the OP was trying to criticize the pritzes of an ad saying a shaitel is lovely. But I don’t understand any of the other posts.


    “wouldnt edible shaitels lead to hair balls like cats get? “

    And hence, the last line of my previous comment…


    I don’t know, to me “edible” doesn’t have inappropriate connotations. Am I crazy or something? I just think that it sounds stupid. I don’t know anyone that would look at that and say “oh, what a clever ad” OR “oh, how offensive!”

    And now I get the “Eshes Chayil class” – thanks. Very nice. I thought that maybe it was a class to teach you how to be an eishes chayil…


    Yes, what is in the undertone here?

    What exactly do you think may have been meant by describing a sheitel as edible?


    Maybe they werent talking about the shaitel?


    I thiink the OP is saying that the term edible sort of sounds bad the way that Juicy printed accross your shirt sounds bad.

    (Im not sure i agree with that. I think juicy sounds much worse)

    Am I correct?

    always here

    thanks for the laughs I got reading this thread 😉



    I’m not sure if you were trying to clarify something because all you did is make me more confused.

    Describing a sheitel as edible doesn’t make any sense and I don’t understand why describing a shirt as juicy makes sense.

    I’m with cedarhurst and LAer, I don’t get how the posts on this thread are following an intelligent conversation.


    Derech Hamelech-

    I wasnt “describing a shirt as juicy”

    I was talking about the company juicy that has their name spalshed across their clothing and people wear the word juicy accross their chest

    I said that maybe the OP thinks that the term edible is being used in sort of the same context…


    You sure it wasn’t an ad for the new edible rebbetzin chia pet?


    Why does “edible” sound like “an un Jewish song”? i [sic] think your [sic] able to figure it out on your own [sic] its [sic inappropriate for me to say it.

    I don’t get it. Why does it sound like an “un-Jewish” song? And what is an “un-Jewish” song? Is that like a non-Jewish song? Is it an anti-Jewish song?

    Please explain for those among us (i.e., yours truly) who are just too dense.


    “sheitels look edible” they are stating that when you wear their sheitels you should or will look edible… that is disgusting, and degrading to women … hopefully we do not want to look attracting for people wanting to eat us,as we are not food,we are human beings. To say to little kids that they are so ‘yummy’, and that we can ‘eat them up’ has a completely different meaning and connotation. To place in a FRUM magazine that wearing this shaitel would make you look edible is implying something completely and utterly different, and most women wearing head coverings are trying to give over to the world the exact opposite. They are trying to be modest and keep their beauty for their husband. So why should we be looking ‘edible’ for all other guys to stare and look at us? that would be defeating the entire purpose of a shaitel to begin with!


    If you think it means that it makes “you” look edible, I think you are trying to make an absurd meaning out of it.

    That meaning does not ring true, and really does not have any suggestive connotation.

    Probably, the teacher generally thinks sheitel ads are not tznius, and therefore read a not tznius meaning into it.


    i saw that ad and i totally agree…the connotation was completely inappropriate- my husband was shocked at it. And BTW, if anyone needs a good graphic designer that knows what they’re doing..let me know…i do graphics that are simply….edible!


    Where did this ad appear? What is the full text of the ad? Are their accompanying photos?

    I’m sorry, I really have a hard time believing the ad is hinting at what you claim it is.


    ramateshkolian thank you


    I can’t say whether or not is was inappropriate. I did not see the ad, and all I have to go on is a small, partial quote. Can anybody give me a hint as to which publication carried the ad?

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