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    Curtis Sliwa or Eric Adams? Does anyone trust Adams as genuine especially with the BLM support and using the typical racial card or do you trust Sliwa who seems to be actually interested in cleaning up the city and putting a stop to the out of control crime.


    Don’t know much about Eric Adams but he’s been working really hard to curry favor from the frum oilom. I grew up listening to Coytis Sliwa so I’m a little biased towards him.


    I think Adams will be the next Dinkins. He’s been using the race card Everytime to get attention and to try to put down any argument against him and he’s a supporter of the fraudulent BLM movement. I would say sliwa is the loyal one to the city and to the Jewish communities, on the other hand he did open his mouth ranting how the Jews abuse the system and that men sit in yeshivas while taxpayers pay for them which is wrong and also if he feels that way, he shouldn’t publicize it to the world he should sit down discussing this behind closed doors. It’s hard to tell who would be more loyal but one thing is for sure for better or worse sliwa is authentic and will be strong against crime. Adams will be a criminal sympathizer saying that kid could have been his son.


    The general rule is Democrats are a disaster. And Republicans are clearly much less bad than the Democrat candidate.

    Despite all the sophistry the leftists use when trying to sell you a bridge. Actually give away the bridge for “free”.


    But it’s a slim chance that sliwa will be elected. You just can’t fix stupid. Which applies greatly to the liberal nyc. Adams may or may not be worse than deblasio, but regardless he is not the answer that NYC needs right now.


    I can’t help but think that sliwa is a mud slinging, angry man who used to have a very clear purpose in life for himself. He had a gang of self styled crime fighters and he felt he was a hero – he has done good things for the community, but has also made hateful tirades against our way of life. He has the trump-esque appeal of the common man, except he does not have the experience in high society and business acumen that the former possessed. He is likewise headstrong, obnoxious… I don’t see any reason at all to entrust him with the stewardship of the city.

    Adams has been in public life and is not a known radical leftist; I was very relieved when he won the nomination. Dinkins was a weak leader who was in the pocket of the African American community; I’ve seen no indication that Adams is too….he did once associate with Louis Farrakhan, which is very disturbing, but has since distanced himself.


    Avira, de Blasio also was not a known radical leftist before he became mayor. He proved himself that only once in City Hall. In fact, he previously represented the frum Boro Park coming in the City Council.

    Sliwa, while once made an unfortunate reference to our community (Eisav Soneh L’Yaakov is pretty universal), overall he has a decades-long history of friendly and helpful interactions with the frum community.

    All this said, Adams is a shoe-in to winning the election in this one-party city.


    Avira, I agree about Sliwa being Trump-like which is exactly what we need right now in this city, not just another politician but someone who doesnt fit the political standards and can actually make some changes. Sliwa has helped protect communities and especially Jewish communities and even risked his life with many injuries. What bothered me about him was that since he has done so, he felt it was his right to badmouth the Jewish communities whether he had a point or not, under the guise of being a friend. Friends are supposed to be loyal, and being a friend doesnt give you the right to bash them aggressively and expose them for whatever reason you may have.
    Putting that aside, he did apologize and said he wanted to explain himself in a meeting with Jewish leaders, but putting that aside as well, there is just something in Adams that I just dont trust. He has been nice with the Jewish community but I see in him a Deblasio or Cuomo who did all the friendliness they needed just to get elected and then threw the Jews under the bus. He also seems arrogant and goes along with the media as a useful tool to spread his propaganda. You said Dinkins was a black sympathizer, but Adams is as well he supports BLM, assisted in painting the BLM murals, and calls everyone a racist when he has nothing to say as hes called Yang and Sliwa racists for whatever reasons. He wont stop crime and he will sympathize with those who “could have been his son”.

    I think that as long as Sliwa wont be a mazik to the Jewish communities, he is by far a better choice and has experience with the police force and crime on the streets. The fact that he doesnt have business experience like Trump isnt necessary here he is only running for mayor not for president and he is well connected on the streets. One thing for good or bad, Curtis is real.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Why have there been scant coverage of the politicians for mayor

    And does anyone in the CR know (from YWN news) anything about the Nassau DA race with Todd kaminsky and Ann Donnelly


    CA: Donnelly is a very agressive prosecutor who will go after Kaminsky on the failed NYS bail reform law. Even though Kaminsky belatedly became a ba’al tshuvah on the issue and voted in favor of changes last year giving judges more discretion to jail repeat offenders, the law is still very unpopular on Long Island and his initial support will hurt him badly, even among Dems.


    That’s because the fix is in. The Dems want Adams as mayor so any coverage would be countered by the other side. They prefer to keep it on the low. I think crime will be out of control under Adams.


    NYers, should you first say Gomel for the D- primaries ending with a most palatable candidate?
    Show some appreciation


    rightwriter, go to Adams website and you’ll see what he supports; he’s a total liberal. He will indeed be a second Dinkins but worse cause a bigger liberal ( a species that didn’t exist back when Dinkins was mayor).


    First of all, I never knew that fate had a mayor. If it does, I would expect Hashem to elect her or him.

    As for the New York City mayoral race, like many elections in a two-party democracy, the electoral choice often comes down to the question of who is less stupid. Adams is clearly less stupid.

    And I cannot take seriously anyone who would take Sliwa seriously.


    huju: NYC is hardly a two party democracy. And Hitler wasn’t stupid. His electoral opponent was less intelligent. But would have been a better Chancellor. No need to invoke Godwin’s Law since I’m not comparing Adams to him. I’m just pointing out the incorrectness of your statement.

    With that all behind us, Sliwa would be as far better Mayor than Adams. But like a non-communist in China or Cuba, he has no chance.


    Perhaps the New York Elections Board should simply refuse to certify the election results next month under the provisions of Sectio3 of the Election Law and instead declare the office vacant and leave it up to the state legislature to designate an “Acting Mayor” and sort out what comes next. Never has NYC faced such unattractive choices in a mayoral election (but that reflects the same poor choices we are presented with in most state and federal elections in the past several election cycles). I personally think that Adams is the better of two really bad choices in terms of managing the city going forward.


    As advised, I went to Adams site. I see a mixture of progressive and not progressive policies. In the area of his expertise – policing, he is especially specific and sometimes seem to express sensible ideas using language palatable to progressives (he suggests “gun control” where he clearly targets looking for guns used by shooters, not generic guns). here is a sample of not progressives and progressives policies:

    not progressive

    we will reduce agency spending at least 3-5% by applying an efficiency mandate that eliminates ineffective programs and unnecessary spending, while utilizing an inequality impact test so that programs vital to lower-in-come New Yorkers are protected.

    By using real-time governing tools and tracking crime trends to become predictive, we can quickly shift NYPD resources from one community to another to reverse bad trends. For instance, we will regularly shift detectives and other officers from low-crime areas to crime hot-spots.

    work with private companies who are willing to sponsor spots for NYPD supervisors at the leadership academies they send their own management staff to, helping train a new generation of brass to think critically, behave honorably and lead effectively.

    Relocation Employment Assistance Program (REAP) has successfully drawn new businesses here from outside the state by providing a tax credit per employee per year if they locate in certain areas of the city.

    We can generate $1-2 billion annually by instituting a “Recovery Share”—a modest increase to the income taxes of city earners who make more than $5 million a year, sunsetting after two years.

    reward businesses that hire local workers and benefit minority and female owners and workers—especially on City-financed projects.

    recruiting from the very same neighborhoods that are suffering from crime, which are mostly Black and Brown




    Always ask, these things are gibberish, there’s nothing of substance here. Plus, 99% of his policies are totally liberal, including most of what you wrote. You looked for the needle in the haystack and found 1-2 non-liberal ones.

    Providing tax credits for businesses relocating to “certain areas”? I am certain which areas they are…is another liberal “jewel” serving nothing and no one.

    How will “empowering immigrants with voting rights” save NYC?

    Invest in “green infastructure”?! Didn’t we go through with that in the Obama era where he gave billions for solar companies which was money poured down the drain?

    Add housing “for everyone” in wealthy neighborhoods?! Right, that will surely make the last few rich tax payers stay in NYC. Make sure the bums, the drug addicts, the homeless, the drifters and criminals are transferred to wealthy together with the “low to no income” individuals… This is exactly what we need to turn NYC around…


    philosopher, I had 2 lists – non-progs first and then progs – the one that you just listed. As I tried to sample proportionally, then yu can see that he has substantial, but probably less than 50% of non-prog ideas, especially in the areas of his expertise – policing. Now, you got to AOC site and tell us whether any of those non-prog ideas are there? I don’t know whether he qualifies as a “centrist” but definitely not as a 100% progressive.


    Only sliwa could be tough on crime. Adams is a controlled empty suit


    Always ask, according to today’s definition of off the charts communist, immoral behaimo liberals, Adams APPEARS to be somewhat of a centrist…but certainly he cannot save NYC…


    Adams is not a centrist he is a Liberal Left winger who puts up a front as if hes a centrist in order to appeal to all. The debate showed he had nothing to say when confronted other than acting as if he is too above everyone to answer. And of course the media manipulated his idiocy into claiming he was too much of an adult to reply to Sliwa. What a twisted world and since the people nowadays have no brain and base their decisions on what the media tell them to, we will likely see this Eric Adams in office to continue and possibly worsen De Blasios wreckage of the city. We all saw how empty Adams was and his policies of “following the rules” will bring destruction to all. Even De Blasio doesnt support vaccinating children.


    Curtis is a loud mouth publicity seeker who would do anything for attention and not going to win in any event


    It seems to me that NYC avoided a disaster similar to Chicago and other cities and ended up with two non-disasters to choose from. People in other places envy you. Maybe you deserved a break from the current mayor. As R Yohanan have asked “are you still enjoying it suffering]”?


    “Curtis is a loud mouth publicity seeker who would do anything for attention and not going to win in any event”

    Common seychel, attention or not he was there for Jewish Communities and New Yorkers in times of high crime especially last year with the BLM movement he physically fought and even had to get stitches and endured a broken jaw. I would say he can get things done. The only issue I have with him is that on a few occasion on the radio and elsewhere he ranted pretty nastily on Jewish communities, yeshivas being supported, and money received not being distributed correctly and so on. Whether he thinks he has a point or not he should not have pointed these things out publicly he should have met with leaders behind closed doors, especially when he considers himself to be a friend of the Jews. Being a friend doesnt permit you to go bashing them on the other hand and hiding behind the excuse of being there at other times. He did apologize and even apologized again by Simchas Beis Hashoeva in videos you can see on youtube where he visited Boro Park/WIlliamsburg and Crown Heights, danced with everyone and apologized several times claiming he made a mistake and that he will not touch the Yeshivas which he respects. If thats a genuine apology I guess we can forgive as long as these rants dont surface again.

    For anyone who has seen the debated, Adams looks like a robotic ventriloquist puppet and the fact that he tries to play off Curtis as a clown and ignore him, is simply due to the fact that he has nothing to say and nothing to prove Curtis wrong on the facts that have been shot at him. He couldnt even answer simple things such as where he lives and keeps smiling reminiscent of Hillary vs Trump which is a tactic used by the left to try and show their opponent isnt even worth their time. If you look at youtube comments on every video 99% say they are voting for Curtis Sliwa and even individuals claiming to be Democrat. Of course the media shows that he is losing in polls to discourage voters for Curtis, but just seeing those comments on youtube make it seem that there is no way Adams can win because people are seeing through his lies and scripted political BS. He even played the “my son was stopped by police and traumatized because he is black” card. Oh please we have heard that countless number of times from other failed politicians.

    If anyone thinks Adams will help this city come back they are mistaken. He clearly said that he supports mandates and firing of officials and employees and will continue the mandates and forced vaccinations for children. Curtis said he will get rid of this nonsense and be tough on crime, help the homeless, close kill shelters, fire De Blasios team, get rid of unused bike lanes to lower traffic, get rid of speed cameras, and stop congestion pricing or at least lower it to a minimum once it starts. Dont forget the best NYC Mayors were Republican runners.

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