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    The buchrim are struggling to find seudas in israel,pls open your homes.Developers please build more buildings in ramas eshkol.Rabboisai!!!!


    I’ll always remember at my Yeshiva in Israel of about 30 guys an American Kollel guy would put up a sign “Please come for any Yom Tov meal (including the 2nd day)”
    Even though he didn’t keep the 2nd day because he permanently lived in Israel he still made sure the American Buchrim had a Y”T atmosphere on the 2nd day.


    If more buildings were built in Ramat Eshkol,
    they would not be built in time for this Rosh HaShanah.


    @kuvult there are two days Rosh Hashana in Israel for the Israelis too
    It is a Yoma Arichta not Sfeika Dyoma chill


    @op take a kaboloh for the new year not to troll

    habachur hachashuv

    rabboisai please dont eat your meals in ramat eshkol, especially on rosh hashana you dont belong there. There are many places to eat in yerushalayim choose wisely.


    Not= so-chashuvah bachurim, talimidim, kollel yungerleit and simply bored Trollsters

    The new zman will be starting soon and the CR will soon be freed from the onslaught of childish rants and unintelligible musar. Perhaps in the interim, do something useful like cleaning and refinishing your shtender (good beeswax cleaner and water-based stain) or cleaning the walls outside shuls and batei medrashim from a year’s worth of pashkevilim warning that its assur and vadalism to glue a pashkevil on public walls (no matter how “important” the message”)


    Maybe if you supported a string Israeli government they would build more and iyh kick out our enemies (Ramat eshkol is partially in E jerusalem)

    Also @Bachur hachashuv I knew very great amazing people in Ramat eshkol (tbh I don’t really know anyone there at the moment


    It seems as though @gadolhadorah is perpetually complaining about the coffee room being overrun by bored bochurim during bein hazmanim.
    For the record and without exception (though all rules do have exemptions) all yeshivos are currently in middle of the zman so please find a new talking point at least until after Yom Kippur.
    You can if you’d like resume using said talking point once again this time until Rosh Chodesh Cheshvon


    Sense, or maybe the strong government would further oppress charedim and force them all into the shmad army?


    So I correct my prior kvetch to stipulate that bored bochurim are overrunning the CR both during bein hazmanim and during the zman when they should be at least endeavor to create the appearance of shteiging.


    Most bochurim stay in Yeshiva for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in Chutz La’aretz too and Israeli Yeshivos. The Yeshivas provide the meals. Why aren’t these bochurim eating in their Yeshiva? Or they can make their own meals like the men do at Uman together or Chassidim by the Rebbe. Why are only the American bochurim shnoring for food on Yom Tov? There is inflation everywhere. Rent is high. People are struggling. They might be over on סעודה שאינה מספקת לבעלה.


    Volozhin yeshiva did not provide meals, and Russian government also. Students ate at homes. If you want to be zoche to have a yeshiva in your town, feed yeshiva students in your house once a week like in olden days. You’ll get zechus Torah edited, the anti frum comments are getting quite offensive


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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