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    IYK – I have to admit that I didn’t read your posts about your personal experiences; I apologize for being so forceful in my posts, and I realize I could have hurt your feelings. That was my own negligence, and again I’m very sorry.


    AAQ: you asked if I was a Baki shepherd. I must respond with the truth that I’m only a baki sheep. But knowledge about shepherding is readily available on the web to read. Reality is that hashem is our shepherd and we are supposed to try to be like our creator in the limited time span we have been given. But there are many lessons that hashem puts in nature for us to learn. Take for example, dogs. They all bark. The ones that bite, for example Pitt bulls, are not understood for the cause of such actions. I was always afraid of dogs, until someone with veterinary experience explained to me that he just sees Pitt bulls as high energy animals. If they get tied to a tree instead of channeling that energy in the form of running, they have pent up energy that will come out in the form of biting. Another reason dogs bite is out of fear due to being abused themselves. Lehavdil, this is the case similar to what abuse is about. I no longer fear Pitt bulls, because that person personally brought a hungry abused Pitt bull to me for my first healthy exposure to dogs. But children in my times and most likely nowadays as well, were not allowed to use our energy in a positive way, as recess was limited and homework was overburdening. Children tend to have a lot of energy that if channeled properly, can be more rewarding than stressful.

Viewing 2 posts - 101 through 102 (of 102 total)
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