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    I’m a single guy in my mid-to high 20’s and I find it very frustrating that a guy that passes a girl on the street, can’t approach her and start a conversation. This is because, my hometown of Brooklyn finds it socially unacceptable, and if C’V it’s seen by someone driving by, word can spread and chances of ever getting married are wiped away.

    I kid but its happened numerous times, where I see a girl on the street that I find attractive and want to approach her, but then think what’s the point if the girl won’t want to schmooze in the middle of the street or will refuse to give me her number, afraid someone is watching.

    Brooklyn is the central spot where guys and girls (from around the country) converge to meet and date. Something has to be done.


    I would not want you to approach me and start a conversation just because you think I’m pretty.


    Go off the D!

    live right

    when you meet someone and get to know their personality first without understanding their background and what their hashkafos are and if they are for you, it can get very sticky. and even though you don’t match up, you like them and that can get complicated. trust me. not a good idea.


    I would be flattered.


    Are all males as immature as you?

    yitz dude, as a girl, i can tell you that if someone married me for my looks i would divorce him.

    You are not ready for marriage.


    I honestly thought from the title that this was a parody thread of some sort.

    (I have no opinion right now on the OP’s point, but I’ll be looking with interest to see the responses…)


    By your own admission you would be approaching the girl because you find her attractive. That is a very good reason not to approach random girls on the street. When you decide to date a girl solely because you think she is attractive the relationship is not off to a good start.


    art- He isn’t saying marry for looks. He would start a conversation off because of looks, and see where it went from there.

    About Time

    Below say 25/6 you follow the system

    After that Go for It

    Ignore what the females here say: they’re all in denial


    About Time- About what am I in denial ?


    It’s called infatuation.


    the-art-of-moi – Don’t be so narrow-minded! Attraction is a Prerequisite for marriage.

    Surely this is a better approach than guys being set-up with a ton of girls who all call it off after 1 or 2 dates due to looks.

    Men are Men! Stop kidding urself!

    About Time

    Every female who ever put on makeup,etc.,

    touched her hair,etc.,

    wished to be the center of someone’s attraction

    Call it what you will

    ..Here comes the denials

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    kodesh- generally the guy will see a picture of the girl before the date is set up. He doesn’t have to bother setting up a date with a girl that doesn’t look pretty to him.


    When the physical attraction to a girl is missing, you might find something else missing in the relationship. A wife should be able to feed her husband’s animal soul as well as his spiritual soul. Men are visual. You have to start somewhere if the shidduch life isn’t working for you — but probably not in your own neighborhood.


    Wallflower- I think you would be flattered.

    YW Moderator-127

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Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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