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    Rumor has it that if you always keep score for a game without writing,

    then even if the game is one that people usually keep score for

    by writing, you can play it on Shabbos. One method I saw mentioned

    on the CR was a bookmark, placed on the appropriately numbered

    page of a book (flip book for odd/even?).

    Here are a few score-keeping methods I’ve thought of:

    1. Valued tokens

    Players hold tokens to the amount of their score.

    And by tokens, I mean Monopoly (etc.) money.

    This method can keep scores for many players.

    2. A Scoreboard

    Place tokens on a marked surface to indicate score.

    Pieces of games not being played make excellent tokens.

    Surface options include:

    A “Chutes & Ladders” Board

    This should keep scores of up to 100 for a good number of players.

    If scores go higher, you can give players a token of some kind

    for each 100 points, or place something under their score marker.

    Homemade Score Sheets (papers)

    Score sheets can keep varying amounts of score for varying

    amounts of players depending on design. Options include individually

    numbered spaces (as with a “C&L” board) and rows of spaces

    designated as 1s, 10s, and 100s columns. If the rows are situated

    on the sheet’s edges, paperclips can be used as sliders.

    (Perhaps they should be designated for such use

    before Shabbos – I don’t know.)

    (Making such sheets can be an arts & crafts project. They can be

    decorated to individual taste and attached to more durable materials.)

    3. Individually Numbered Indicators

    Designate items with numbers on them to indicate 1s, 10s, and 100s.


    Dice (with 9 or more sides)

    Place dice with the desired numbers facing up.

    Two 9-sided dice can keep scores of up to 99

    for a single player – 110 if 10-sided.

    Playing Cards

    Turn cards over or move them partially out

    of lines/piles to designate the active ones.

    Cards 1-10 from 2 suits, in order, can keep

    scores of up to 110 for a single player.

    Feel free to post your own methods below.


    Playing games on Shabbos? Shabbos should be spent on learning Torah!!!!!!!


    Tell that to my sisters, and to my brothers under the age of, say, 10.


    Perhaps it should be spent learning. Now let’s assume people are playing games on Shabbos…


    Put a tissue in a book at that page.

    But really, can’t you just remember the score? We played games in yeshiva (basketball, baseball, football) a billion times and never wrote down the score.


    Why are you assuming that a game is Assue if the score is normally kept by writing?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    popa – maybe that’s cuz your friends are lame and nobody ever scored.

    Sam2 – because that is the halacha according to at least one Rav.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Comlink-X – OK, under the age of 10 is a different story.

    popa_bar_abba – Certain kinds of tissues are forbidden to be removed from the box on Shabbos, because they are attached, and one who removes them from the box transgresses the melacha of tearing.

    Sam2 – Because such is the halacha. Look it up (e.g., Scrabble).


    Certain kinds of tissues are forbidden, but others are not.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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