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    is this required?


    Why not?


    Do you put a mezuzah on your walk-in clothes closet? I don’t have one, but I have never considered this question.


    are there specific rules?

    Feif Un

    oomis: I asked, and was told I didn’t have to.


    Yes why not?

    See the Mechaber in YD 286.

    Perhaps you are thinking that it should be the same as closets, which the velt is not ???? to put mezuzos on. However, the reason for that is probably because closets are less than 16 square ???? – approximately 24 – 32 square feet, or perhaps because you don’t go in and out of the closet. If they don’t meet this criteria then chances are they also require a mezuzah.

    Oomis – ask your rav, I don’t see why not.



    Even if the room was too small, wouldn’t that just mean you need to put the mezuzah on the opposite side?

    A Heimishe Mom

    If it is a storage closet then it doesn’t need one. If it is more like a room – eg a walk-in closet, most people would put one up. Perhaps without a bracha – if you are hanging multiple mezuzos at once choose a different one to say the bracha on.


    what about a utility closet with timers and switches and supplies in it? you do have to walk into it to flip switches or take out supplies.


    Derech: Why would you need a mezuza on the other side? The closet isn’t an entrance to the room, it’s a place that is not considered a room at all because it doesn’t have the shiur.


    Right. You’re walking from a non-existant place (from the mezuzah’s perspective), into a room. The same as walking into a house.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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