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    I was unfortunately visiting someone in the hospital and when i left the nurse told me “she’s a very popular lady-look how many visitors she gets”. Later, I heard that on yom tov and shabbos she had some people she didn’t even know well walking a few miles to visit her. Besides, there’s bikur cholim, Hatzalah (who comes b4 ambulances most of the time) and many other caring people. It just hit me how lucky we are.


    and to top it all off, we have the torah 🙂

    yes we’re very lucky!!


    I was biking two years ago and I fell and my wrist cracked in half and became deformed so I was in maimonides for 2 and a half days and I was in the same room as another person, a goy who had a similar injury, I felt really bad for him when visitors came for me one after another, friends, relatives.. And for him jus. His parents… MI KEAMCHA YISROEL


    Just to add an amazing Mi Keamcha Yisroel story.

    My friend was waiting one night to pay a traffic ticket in traffic court. As always, there were quite a few people waiting with her. While waiting she noticed one Jewish elderly lady pleading her case for the judge to lower the fine as she was old, and sick with the machla, and she lost her only son to the machla just a few years ago. The judge did lower the fine but it was still over 100$. At this point, a Jewish man stood up and asked if he can say something. When asked by the judge if he was involved in this case he said “No, but i would like the honor of paying this lady’s ticket for her.” The entire place stood up and clapped for him, as he walked out to do so.

    When my friend told me this i was astounded. This is only something that happens amoung Jews.


    unfortunately we inside the jewish community are always noticing the negative things that happen(see all the threads in the cr) If we would take a step back we would notice all the wonderful things that go on in the community. I’ve wanted to make a documentary of all the organizations (hatzola, chai lifeline, tomchei shabbos) that exist in the community. there is no parallel in any other community.

    Be Happy

    One of the most amazing experiences I had was when we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Yerushalayim. It was Mincha time and as you know darkness falls very quickly in that area. Our driver stopped on the hard shoulder and called to the other cars “mincha”. Within minutes cars stopped on the hard shoulder and there were wellover 2 minyanim of men davening Mincha on the hard shoulder. It was so heartwarming to see the mix of – sefardim, chassidim, kuppa serugas etc. We were all Yidden there to serve the Ribbone Shel Oilom.

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