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    What is this fad all about that people don’t put on their tie for mincha, and marriv on motzei shabbos? Why are these tefilos any different than marriv friday night and shachris? Where is the kavod shabbos?


    Not sure about fads, but I don’t like wearing ties and usually don’t…



    Good point. If anything mincha on Shabbos is holier than shacharis as the Kedusha on Shabbos progresses as the day progresses…

    In my opinion the reason you see this activity is because there’s a general laxness towards Shabbos mincha as many people don’t spend their Shabbos afternoon properly and many people just come into Shabbos mincha in a frivolous mood.

    I also think there’s a general mood of relaxing and letting loose later in the evening (American mishegass) which is at the time of Shabbos mincha.


    where does it say in the torah you have to wear a tie??


    This is a way to tell the guys that you had a nice shabbos afternoon nap. So you are yoitze menuchas shabbos.

    By the way, chassidim never wear a tie.


    What is this fad all about that people don’t put on their tie for mincha, and marriv on motzei shabbos?

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I always wear a tie to shul on Shabbos/Yom Tov — including Mincha and Ma’ariv.

    The Wolf


    “By the way, chassidim never wear a tie.”

    That of course is true but its not a part of their formal dress, for someone who wears a tie to go on a date, weddinng, job interview why should they not show the same respect for davening? according to halachah one has to stand as if before a king.

    on the ball

    deiyezooger – but then your question should be why ties aren’t worn all week as if standing before a king


    More important than the tie for formal events is being freshly showered. By late Shabbos afternoon most of us are somewhat “sweaty” and the tie makes us more sweaty in both reality and appearance. Hence, the tie can actually detract from our appearance.


    deiyezooger; I agree with you 100%. If putting on a necktie is part of the formal dress, they ought to show respect for Shabbos by putting it on for Mincha also. The same way no one would go for a job interview or business meeting without wearing a tie, they should think of Shabbos as at least as important.


    “deiyezooger – but then your question should be why ties aren’t worn all week as if standing before a king “

    I agree with you, who wears a tie when is dressed formaly should always put on a tie for davening.


    I agree with the OP’s premise. But it really doesn’t necessarily have to do with ties. It is the general idea of having a formal way of dressing and detracting from it at a time one should not be. So if you wear a colored button-down shirt for shabbos shacharis, it may be a lack of respect to attend mincha in a polo shirt. And if you wear a black hat with the brim down for shacharis, it may be a lack of respect to attend mincha with the brim up.


    Another lack of Kavod HaTefila I’ve noticed is that some people don’t wear a jacket (or hat) to Shachris. People that generally wear a hat and jacket during the week.


    the tie thing has been going on for a while. wheres the kavod shabbos? but any guy that posted this and goes out for kiddush club…


    ellk – it doesn’t, but if you wear it to marriv friday night and shachris, than it is a bizuyon to shabbos if you don’t wear it to mincha and marriv.


    I have been in some shuls on Shabbos, where after Kedusha of Mussaf, the Rov puts on his hat as do the rest of the Tzibur. Not sure why one needs a hat Post Mussaf Kedusha when he didn’t wear one till then!

    The Rose

    I was going to Lakewood for a weekend and know that they have standards of dress.Therefore i asked a friend what they all wear …My friend said they all wear a white button down shirt and tie. So I borrowed a shirt , bought a silver tie …good to go .

    I arrive fully dressed for shabbos and EVERYONE IS STARING. turns out ….only the GUYS wear that ! so yes , there is a problem with the tie ..if you are a dudette 🙂



    Look at the old photos, numerous Rebbes and Gedolim wore neck ties so it’s just a general shlumpy dress code that people have adopted and gave it the label of frumkeit. And some have even extended this dress code to include wearing their shirts outside of their pants. So I don’t want to hear tainas about men wearing shorts and sandals for davining when your own behavior needs fixing. Kavode ha’tzibor and kavode bais ha’knesses should be as important as going to a fancy affair.


    Toi – What is a kiddush club?


    What about a bowtie 😉



    As a real Brisker aren’t you aware of the minhag in Brisk not to say good Shabbos from minchah onward? Maybe this has something to do with it.


    The people that usually wear ties but don’t wear ties for Mincha on Shabbos are men that shave.

    You wonder why?

    A basic question: Why were men created to grow beards?

    The answer: To protect their ties from getting dirty eating Cholent.

    Those that shave usually have stained ties by the time Mincha comes around. And, if they daven Rabbenu Tam Zman, the bedroom is too dark to find another tie. (Some men in the country brought along only one tie anyway.)


    yitayningwut – Even so, it wouldn’t answer up for the non-briskers

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