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    We all wish we’ll one day know shas or at the very least know the main sugios & halacha found in shas, but it seems like such a difficult endeavor. After reading rabbi Jonathan Rietti’s book “The One Minute Masmid” I decided to make a daily mishnayos Seder using the latest Artscroll edition. My gemarah learning is now much richer, I now realize how mishnayos are the key to gaining a broad background in yedios Hatorah.
    What are your thoughts about it?


    I have learnt Mishnayos and I think that one can’t understand Tumah/Tarharah fully without learning Seder Tarahos. Mishanyos is a “easy” way to finish Shas and is a Key to Shas as you put it. I highly recommend learning Mishnayos with the Tiferious Yisrael instead of the RAV (if you can’t do both) as he explains everything in great detail.


    I also try to learn Mishnayos whenever I can. I prefer learning it with the Rav (R’ Ovadiah MiBartenura) and the Kehati, which I find very helpful in explaining things.

    The Wolf

    Reb Eliezer

    אין הגליות מתכנסות אלא בשביל המשניות שנאמר כם כי יתנו בגוים אץה אקבתם, the redemption will come because of learning of mishnayos, according to the midrash rabba. The word יתנו is a form of the word מתניתין.

    Yabia Omer

    BH I have been giving a Mishna class at shul every Shabbat before Mincha and we have finished several Mesechtot.


    Haimy, can you tell us what the book is about?

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