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    jO jO

    Soooooo many stories floating around along with reason as why Moshiach is coming this year?

    Please post the stories you have heard.

    Yasher Koach!


    Because its high time!


    As there were last year, and the year before. Of course we all hope he will come soon, so lets prepare, but all these ‘compelling’ signs that he will for sure come this year are not what we are supposed to base our Emunah on!


    i heard a story that r’ chaim had a dream from the chazon ish that machiach is coming anyone know if its a valid story?


    eric, I can’t answer that, but *I* had a dream Moshiach is coming any day now…


    rumors do not interest me… Let us just do what we are supposed to do.


    Because Obama leads the polls? Ich veiss?


    I heard something like that but not about R’ Chaim.


    I agree with MDlevine, rumors do very little and quite possibly make it harder for us to keep up with the belief that Moshiach will come and can come anyday.

    This is a true event. A few years back there whren I was doing carpool, there was a kid who was dropped off at the same time my kids were. I noticed that he was wearing a white shirt and being that it wasn’t Rosh Chodesh I asked the kid why he was wearing it (fearing that I had forgotten some important school event). He said with a beaming smile, that today Moshiach was coming and I wanted to wear my very best. Taken aback I asked him how he knew this, and he answered that there were rumors the past week that this was going to be the day and he wanted to be ready.

    My heart dropped for this kid, being older and been in similar situations I told the kid that we had to understand that everyday could and should be a day that we could expect Moshiach. However, being that we hope that this will be the day we have to understand there have been many times when the time wasn’t quite right. I didn’t have time for more than that but called the school, gave the Rebbi the heads up hoping that he could help the situaution as well.

    The next day (and I was sad that I wasn’t proven wrong) the boy came to school very upset and from the conversation that I had with his father (since I know him somewhat and was concerned) it took him a few days to get over it. The boy doesn’t like to talk about Moshiach now and while he may have over reacted to a rumor, it will take him some time before he can be positive.

    Bring Moshiach takes effort. We need to work and work hard to make this a reality. Putting our hopes in rumors and fairy tails is not going to build emunah nor bring Moshiach here any time sooner.



    why couldnt you just let the kid be, why put in your 2 cents? obviously the parents knew about what the kid was doing! it wasnt your place to be mechanuch someone elses child i hope you learned a lesson from this. you might even have to ask the child mechilla when he becomes bar mitzva for causing him pain


    Rav Shachne Zohn Shlit”a had a dream where the Chofetz Chaim appeared to him and said the Geula is close, prepare yourselves.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Eric, I disagree with you.


    I had heard, like Alex, that the Chofetz Chayim recently appeared in a dream to a now elderly former talmid of his, telling him that Moshiach would come before Hoshana Rabba this year. This same talmid when a very young man was told by the CC shortly before his death that Moshiach would come in the lifetime of this young man. Anything can happen, but obviously the Hoshana Rabba issue is a moot point. I certainly feel as though we are headed towards Chevlai Moshiach and Milchemes Gog U’Magog. And the thought is a little scary, I have to admit. Maybe awesome, is a better word.


    To set everybody straight,the Talmid is HaRav Shachne Zohn, shlita. What he states is that the Chofetz Chaim came to him twice (in his dreams) and requested from him to tell everybody that “Moshiach is coming soon and that people should do teshuva.” The CC never told him when Moshiach is coming, just that he is coming soon. One can not assume any specific time from that statement. Soon could be this year and it could be in a couple of years. We can’t say.

    Just Smile

    I got this email the other day.

    DISCLAIMER: These are not all verified as true, and some have been (almost) proven false.

    For example Number 1 – rumor has it that in 1925 it was on Erev Pesach also.

    Anyways – her goes.

    Fwd: VERY INTERESTING!!Mashiach 2009

    1. Bircat HaHamah – The Blessing on the Sun – Once every 28 years

    Since creation, there was only two times that the year we say Birkat HaHamah fell out on the 1st Day of Passover.

    The first was the year Hashem redeemed Israel form Egypt.

    The second was the year of Purim, when Hashem saved the Jews from the evil Haman, who wanted to kill and destroy all Jews.

    This year Birkat HaHamah falls out on the 1st Day of Passover. (which will be the 3rd time in history)

    When it was told to Hacham Ovadia Yosef, that th

    is year Birkat HaHamah falls out on the 1st Day of Passover, he started crying like a baby.

    2. Chofetz Chaim in a Dream to His Student

    Recently the Chofetz Chaim came to one of his last living students in a dream several times and said that Mashiach is born. When this was told to Rabbi Elya Svei, he said he knew about this for over ten years.

    3. Rabbi Elya Svei Mashiach 2009, told to him from his Rebbe, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman

    In 2004 at a funeral of a Rebbe of Mirrer Yeshiva, Rabbi Elya Svei said that Mashiach is coming in 2009. He said its was told to him and calculated by his Rebbe, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, who was the top student of the Chofetz Chaim. Incidentally Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman wrote books and spoke about that the timing of Maschiach is co mparable to a pregnant lady in her 9th month, which at any moment can give birth. Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman was murdered in the Holocaust, over 70 years ago, so in his times if Mashiach was so close, how much more so in our times more than 70 years later.

    4. The Collapse of the Stock Market, Wall Street, Financial Markets, Housing Markets, Mortgage Markets, Insurance Markets, Real Estate Markets

    Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merill Lynch, Wachovia, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Washington Mutual, Goldman Sachs

    And surely MORE to come.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 8000 and dropped to a low of 7882

    5. The Iran dictator (Yemah Shemo) declaring he wants to wipe Israel of the globe and definitely has Nuclear Weapons.

    Since Hashem sent us a very good President George Bush, who is a true friend of Israel as well as shown that he want to eradicate terrorists, the Iranian Animal is petrified to start with Israel, but with this years election of a new President, who know what can happen.

    6. Barak Obama as President

    Hes young and inexperienced as well as questionable loyalty and friendship to Israel.

    With all that’s going on with our economy and global ma rkets, in addition to Obama’s liberal viewpoints it seams very dangerous to have him as a commander in chief.

    7. Iceland & Greenland Ice Packs

    Iceland and Greenland is mostly comprised of ice. Scientist discovered that due to Global Warming, the shrinking of the Ozone Layer and the change in weather patterns, the ice packs in these two countries are starting to melt. They predict that in 5 to 10 years it will fully melt and the water (melted ice) would be added to the worlds oceans. This extra water, would increase sea level around the globe by 20 feet.

    Basically all homes, buildings etc, that are built on locations that are at sea level (which is a good portion society), will be under water. Hashem promised NEVER to bring a Mabul (flood) again. If this is set in motion to take place, then Mashiach, must come before this happens.

    8. Brisker Rav

    The Brisker Rav said during the Holocaust, that within 70 years Mashiach will come. 2009 is the 70th year.

    9. Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel said this past Yom Kippur 2008, was the last Yom Kippur. Hes been telling everyone to do Teshuva before Mashiach comes.

    10. Rav Chaim Kanievsky

    Chazon Ish (his Grandfather) and Rav Shach (one of his Rabbi’s) came to Rav Chaim Kanievsky in a dream and both told him to tell everyone to do Teshuva in order to get ready for Mashiach, whom is coming very soon.

    Its time to do TESHUVA!!!!!

    The Chofetz Chaim said that people whom are not worthy won’t even realize that Mashiach is here and whats going on.

    We MUST ALL to TEHSUVA and come close to Hashem.

    Send this to all the Jews you know.

    We need Mashiach desperately.


    Just Smile,

    I hate to burst your bubble, but…

    Firstly, Birchas HaChamah was not recited in the year the Jews left Egypt, nor was it recited in the year that the miracle of Purim occurred. Simply doing the math (using an Excel spreadsheet should make it easier) will show you this.

    Secondly, Birchas HaChamah comes out Erev Pesach, not the first day. The first day of Pesach is Thursday. Birchas HaChamah must always be on a Wednesday.

    Thirdly, Birchas HaChamah was last on Erev Pesach only 83 years ago, in 1925.

    The Wolf


    Wow Oomis. Thats really amazing. I’m having the shivers here. Obviously we have to believe that he could come any day but to see all these reasons why he should just makes it more frightening….

    blue shirt

    Just Smile: Your message was so pathetic it is almost not worth a serious reply. I assume you believe moshiach is a non-jew. No one else would use Christian dates to proclaim his arrival.


    Blue Shirt:

    I was at that funeral. I explicitly and unmistakably heard R’ Elya Svei say,

    “I have a kabala from my rebbe, Rav Elchonon, that Mashiach will come in the year two-oh-oh-nine.”

    Many people in my yeshiva discussed those words for a while, and some made unflattering comments about R’ Elya not having such a firm grip on sanity anymore. Nobody, however, questioned his use of the Christian date. If you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative, but please refrain from casting infantile insults toward Just Smile for the crime of speaking the truth.


    BLUE SHIRT- This is an email going around everywhere. I got it too. It’s got nothing to do with just smile- she’s only forwarding it for interest’s sake.


    Our tafkid it to learn torah and do mitzvos – when Hashem wants to bring the Moshiach He will. We need to believe that it can be today, but aside from that I fail to see the point of all this speculation.


    I thought we are to prepare ourselves for the Moshiach not predict a date for the Moshiac. Hashem is the only one who knows. Hashems timing is perfect.


    To reiterate what some pple are saying here:

    1) Yaakov Avinu lost his nevua so he shouldn’t be able to pass on when the “keitz” or the end of days will be

    2) I think that we are supposed to learn from the miscalculation at cheit ha-egel, as well as the miscalculations of SEVENTY years (see posts above) which all the kings and even yidden miscalculated in the time of Achachveirosh and the purim story (ie when the geulah/2nd bais hamikdash would happen, why achashveirosh made a party in the first place, etc)

    I think we are supposed to be learning from our history that the calculations are not exact ACCORDING TO OUR CHESHBONOS, though I am sure it will be clear to us once Mashiach does come…but the dreams etc clearly mean we are getting closer – but we can’t know if that means tomorrow or in 15 years…let’s just do our best to be chozer b’teshuva and be the best ovdei hashem that we can be, to be yidden who are growing in their yiddishkeit rather than the opposite, and be”H let’s hope we will be zocheh to see mashiach and the geula in our lifetime, amen!

    (…as well as seeing the said gedolim – I heard in a shiur that anyone who is truly “tzipisa l’yeshua” – truly awaits the geula & mashiach – then besides for the official techiyas hameisim that will happen in olam haba years after mashiach, there will be a “mini techias hameisim” for every gadol, person, etc who truly awaited mashiach, to get to see mashiach when he comes! I don’t know the source, however – if anyone does please let us know! 🙂 )

    Pashuteh Yid

    Peeked at the Zohar Vayechi on Shabbos, (no I am not a kabbalist, so please don’t line up at my door for a handwriting analysis). Saw some fascinating things.

    1) Kibbutz Galyos will occur before the time of moshiach, with many Jews desiring to return to Eretz Yisroel.

    2) Many of these Jews will not be frum because during the long and hard golus they will have picked up some bad habits from the other nations. The remez from the parsha is that the Ribbono Shel Olam’s name is not mentioned throughout the brachos until they are finished, and only then does it say Lyeshuascha Kivisi Hashem. In other words at the Keitz Hayamim, they will first come back, and later become frum. I thought this was interesting as some complain why Hashem’s name is left out of the Israeli Declaration of Independence (it does appear as Tzur Yiroel.) This is alluded in the fact it doesn’t appear in Yakovs’ bracha either.

    3) At the time when the Jews decide to return, there will be many non-Jews who want to go to EY as well and will be willing to become Geirim in order to do so. This will present a logistical problem because of Kashim geirim lyisroel ksapachas, but in the end, they will be accepted. We see this mentioned in the Israeli news and frum sites all the time with great debates over the sincerity of the frum geirim from the former Soviet Union.

    These 3 things seemed to me to be decribing to a T the formation of the State of Israel by the non-frum, and the current events happening there.


    i remember my teacher telling us at a time when rumors were going around,that these “rumors” could be 100% true and Hashem was all ready to bring Mashiach but we werent. we were not zoche to get the geula at that moment!!

    so everyone,lets make the next “rumor” come true and try to improve!


    what the story w/ rav Mattisyahu?


    Nobody knows.

    There are always rumors.

    The date is not really important.

    What is important is living as if it were about to happen.


    for once im agreeing with you anuran lol

    Feif Un

    shlomozalman: R’ Elya zt”l did say 2009. He also said it in Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway a few years ago. The speech was recorded, you can get it from the yeshiva. My brother was there, he heard it.


    as i understand it our count of the age of the world is possible off by up to 160 years…whether done intentionally by the chachomim of the time…or it was an honest mistake…we dont know the true year and therefore cannot possibly make accurate predictions…besides were supposed to anticipate him every day…if we know when he’s gonna come that kinda sorta takes away from that anticipation


    “I was at that funeral. I explicitly and unmistakably heard R’ Elya Svei say,

    “I have a kabala from my rebbe, Rav Elchonon, that Mashiach will come in the year two-oh-oh-nine.”

    I’m not necessarily doubting the veracity of the story, but doesn’t it strike anyone else as odd that R. Svei would explicitly use the Gregorian date, rather than the Hebrew date?

    The Wolf

    Feif Un

    Wolf: yes, it struck me as odd. However, as I said, the speech was recorded. He said very clearly, “Mashiach will come in two zero zero nine.”


    Feif Un, does that mean Moshiach came about 3700 years ago 🙂


    Thanks, bombmaniac. It’s nice to know that we can enjoy the argument while agreeing on the important things.


    Perhaps he meant the Julian Calendar. The current date (Jan 4, 2010 Gregorian) in the Julian calendar is Dec 22, 2009. So, R. Svei’s prediction still has a few days to come true in that regard.

    Although why he would refer to a calendar that is basically only used by Green/Russian Orthodox Christians is beyond me.

    The Wolf


    WM, isn’t it a bit strange for Jews to be saying “We posek the Orthodox Patriarchs, not the Catholic Pope”?


    The most recent one I heard of (and I’m surprised that no one else posted it) is from R’ M. Solomon.

    He was contemplating retirement, and he says that his Rebbi Muvak (not sure which name was used) said, if you stay with BGM, “est du derleben Moshiach (you’ll live to see Moshiach)

    He then said to the audience, “raboisai…. I’m not a yougster anymore….Moshiach’s arrival is imminent!

    Great story, but. The problem is, we have in our posession countless haftochos (assurances) from the Neviyim themselves that Moshiach arrival is in our hands, and all we need to do is play our hand right and he will be here in an instant. Yet we just roll thru our daily routine, business as usual.

    Not to worry, though. One of the mamorim is “ain Ben Dovid boh, eleh b’hesech ha’daas” (loosly translated as: Moshiach will come when least expected)

    NU? Ad Mosai! (I was gonna say Moshiach now, but I did’nt want to start a riot)

    Pashuteh Yid

    Yes, it is true that many of these predictions have been wrong. The Zohar says explicitly 5480, which was 1720 CE, and that has passed.


    PY, I thought it was year 6,000?


    that is when he HAS to come…not necessarily when he will…and even that is faulty because like i said in a previous post…our count of the worlds age is off by 140 (+)? years…we arent meant to know the exact date. we are supposed to expect him every day equally.


    The Brisker Rov, ZT”L, asked an interesting question about the our obligation to believe that the Moshiach can come everyday. Chazal tell us that Eliyahu HaNavi will arrive 3 days before to announce the imminent arrival of Moshiach – so if that is true how can I believe that he can come today? Eliyahu hasn’t come yet?! He concludes by saying Eliyahu will have to answer this question when he comes, but we are still obligated to believe that he can come everyday. Has anyone heard any answers to the Brisker Rov’s question?


    As with 99% of these types of seeming “contradictions”, when THE DAY finaly does arrive, we’ll see that the 3-day warning was probably something that was “heard” every day, but ignored.

    Either that, or it will be some math mis-calculation like the way the “400 years in Mitzrayim” was really only 210 in the land itself, 69 of them slavery. So when Moshe came around and said, its geulah time, there were no doubt skeptics that said, “can’t be… its not 400 years yet”.

    Either way, let the geulah shelaymah begin, and we’ll worry about the details later!


    It says that Moshiach will come in Nissan.

    Every day I await him… for he could come…

    In every Dor, there is a “Moshiach” born who is destined to redeem us from Golus and bring the Geula sheleima. In every Dor, we do aveiros and are ????? ?? ???. The End can change. Fact.


    Thanks for bumping this thread, yekke.

    It was so interesting to read the two oh oh nine predictions here in ’14. And all the ideas about Gog U’Magog, and the stock market & etc, four years later.

    It can happen any minute.

    But it’s always great to hear from the select few who are convinced they know when and how and why.


    well labavitch has had so many deaths in the past 2 months and because it says he is coming in nissan, they are all convinced of it that he is coming this month!!


    “well labavitch has had so many deaths in the past 2 months and because it says he is coming in nissan, they are all convinced of it that he is coming this month!!”

    I never understand these predictions.

    So because some people die (I’m not saying that it isn’t painfully sad) therefore Mashiach MUST be coming?

    I just don’t get it.

    On a side note, we live in a time where as bad as the Arab terrorism is, there is veritable utopia for Jewish people.

    Never in the history of the Galus, have Jews had it so easy.

    We hear stories or we know people who suffer (young people dying etc.) however this does not compare to what life was like 100 years ago.

    Most people here had great great grandparents, who very likely lost a few children. Infant mortality rate was around 20 or 30%.

    That means that for every 4 children, one of them died.

    Many many women died during childbirth.

    Progroms were rampant.

    Blood libels and massacre were normal day to day events.

    But yet today when one or two or three people die, we say, “Oh It MUST be because Mashiach is coming”

    I want to understand it. I simply don’t.


    Moshiach is coming today. My proof is that you don’t believe me. What greater Hesech Hadaas than that?


    Jews don’t have it easy in this dor… unless you only look at the material aspects in Chutz l’aretz… they are wasting away their lives on gashmius and drowning in the tumah that is America, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. And, according to all accounts, Mashiach is not going to arrive in Flatbush ir hakodesh, etc! So, what is everyone waiting for? E’Y is where a Jew belongs and according to great people/gedolim, those that stay where they are despite the “knockout attacks” and anti-semitism are holding up the geula… Everyone is worried about parnassa, etc etc.. but where is your emunah?? Hakodosh Baruch Hu takes care of everyone! Don’t listen to this lashon hora and analyze the situation with your head! If you don’t want to be in E’Y, do you really want Mashiach to come… You may be inconvenienced… so are you really sure you are waiting for Mashiach to come now??

    Like the babies of an eagle, you have to jump up on the eagle’s wings when he makes a rustle. No one is going to force you and whisk you away… You have to make an effort yourself and do your part to come close to HKBH… and you can do that much easier in Eretz Hakodesh! If anyone tells you different, they are lacking clarity!!!


    While it doesn’t really matter at this point, I want to confirm the story about R’ Elya Svei zt”l. I learned in Yeshiva Darchei Torah. While speaking in Darchei, R’ Elya said, “Mashiach will come in two zero zero nine!”



    Again, I fail to understand the doomsdayers.

    Where are you getting from that we need to be in Eretz Yisroal.

    While I don’t doubt that greatness of living there, many great huge Talmidei Chachamim, including Tanaaim and Amoraim did not think that the only important Mitzvah was to live in E”Y. They lived in Golus and did not say that we all have to move to E”Y.

    I’m not trying to criticize, just to understand.

    As far as my previous point, people were saying that since there are tzaros, it MUST be because Moshiach is coming, I was simply pointing out that this Dor has had the most comfortable Golus of any Dor since the churban. Be it in anti Semitism, acceptance from the surrounding nations, or financially.

    To say otherwise is complete ignorance.

    Don’t say that 1939-1945 wasn’t worse than this.

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