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    edited – perhaps you didn’t mean it as heartlessly as it sounded in print

    Friend of mine (ruben) went over to another friend of ours (simon) who he didnt see in a while and starts harassing him about his long hair. And Simon goes “my brother just died of cancer and im in shloshim”. good times.


    Perhaps. Perhaps heartlessness isnt something deserving editing, however mean it is. Perhaps it isnt against any of the rules, as much as you dont approve of my feelings and actions.


    So I see my wife coming out of her sister’s building in kiryat Sanz,and she waves enthusiastically at me,so I wave cheerfully back.When I got closer,I saw it wasn’t my wife.The young lady was waving to someone behind me.I put my head down and walked past her.

    Letakein Girl

    Every morning in my school, we have a shiur for a few minute before davening. My principal introduces the speaker, and then sits down on a chair in the front of the room.

    One morning, she introduced the speaker and then went to sit down. Her chair was broken, and she fell right through! Her feet were sticking up in the air, and EVERYONE saw! She later told me that was probably the most embarrassing moment in her entire life. Poor thing!

    The funniest part is, she had noticed that the chair was broken before, and asked a girl to take it to a side room so that no one will sit on it without realizing, but the girl had forgotten, apparently…


    I realized I’d just shot bin laden even though we were supposed to take him alive!

    It was like 4 years before I could admit it publicly that it was me…


    #A friend of mine was driving his elderly mother to the catskill mountains. He was speeding, and his mother kept begging him to stop. But guys will be guys and he didn’t until he saw some light flashing behind him and had to pull over. The Police asked him for license and registration…

    His mother was so excited that he was pulled over after being told to slow down, that she kept nodding her head vigorously back and forth until her shaitel fell off. the policeman got so scared that he just let them go.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Boy, was this embarrassing. It just happened today – I was walking down a crowded street, and some lady wheeling a carriage wasn’t looking where she was going and she rammed her carriage right into me. Well, I went flying, and went full speed right into some heavyset fellow who was too preoccupied with his blackberry to be aware of his surroundings. He flew straight into a bench on the side of the road, breaking it, and his blackberry went flying. I felt horrible, so I went to retrieve it for him. I couldn’t help noticing that the blackberry browser had yeshiva world on it, and the guy was logged in as popa_bar_abba! Boy, was I embarrassed! I offered to pay for the damage with five silver coins, but he refused them, muttering something about Canada not being a real country. Oh well.


    DY – Are you for real?

    More importantly, PBA, are you all right?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Some details may have been changed to protect privacy.

    He did seem a little dazed, but he’s probably okay by now. I’m pretty sure the large red stain on his shirt was from a sufganiyah.

    ED IT OR

    Has the bench been repaired?


    wow , i just saw that this thread was bumped up, and then i see that im the OP from 4 years ago!!!insane how time flies!


    @DaasYochid – So, is it safe to deduce that this incident happened to both you and Popa in proximity to a kosher Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, presumably in middle America?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    No, I wouldn’t go near chalav aku”m with a ten foot pole.

    Dr. Pepper

    Our washing machine was broken and the repair guy was embarrassed to come back to our house (see below for the details*) so we were using the laundromat down the block.

    One night my wife asked me if I can run to the laundromat and move our four loads from the washer to the dryer since the cycles were about to finish. I ran out without even taking my phone. I quickly recognized three loads that were clearly ours and moved them to the dryer but I couldn’t decide on the last one. Seeing one washer with a lone white table cloth and 15 seconds left I figured that it must be ours and stood in front of it.

    When the machine was done I was mortified as I heard a voice behind me say “if you enjoy watching my table cloth go around and around, I can let you know the next time that I wash
    I was even more mortified when I turned around a realized that it was the same guy that I tried to >>carjack<< many years earlier.

    *The timer on our washing machine broke and my wife didn’t want me to fix it, even though I’m an expert on >>washing machine timers<< , since it was under warranty. The repair guy came and I explained to him in great detail what was wrong with the timer. He looked at me incredulously and asked sarcastically where I learned how to repair washing machines. When I told him that I leaned it in a >>Yeshiva high school<< he told me to leave it to the experts as he had proper training while I clearly did not.

    He sniffed around the machine and diagnosed the problem as a burned out motor. He asked me to assist him in lifting the machine onto cinder blocks so that he can replace the motor. When he was done he asked me to sniff the motor so that I can smell that it was burned out. I mentioned that it smelled like a typical greasy motor so he made sure to point out that that’s why I should trust him and his training- because he’s trained to sniff a burned out motor…

    After testing the machine (and almost flooding the basement) he sheepishly asked me if I can help him put the machine back on cinder blocks so that he can reinstall the old motor. He said he’d come back with a new timer for us but he never did.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Thanks for that laugh! I am now stuck with a picture of that in my head and I can’t stop chuckling. (I’d say everyone around me thinks I’m nuts but they already knew that about me.)


    Dr P, thereafter did you continue shlepping to the laundromat (although I suspect the real intent was laziness in doing your own washes) or did you violate your wife’s directive and actually fix the machine?

    Dr. Pepper


    They ended up sending us a check for the full price of a new washer since he put in the notes that it was irreparable.

    By that time we were already in a routine where once or twice a week my wife would bring the laundry to the laundromat after work, I’d move it to the drier before Mincha and bring it home 45 minutes later after Maariv.

    I did remove the timer to show off how easy it would have been to fix it (or even replace it with a used one on eBay). By that time I had already used the motor for a homemade treadmill (only one speed) and my wife was using the tub to clean lettuce. (For those that don’t know me well enough the last sentence was sarcastic.)

    It took some time but we did eventually get a new washer.

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