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    What are the popular names???

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    Depends who was niftar recently.

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    I heard that in the secular world, for the last 3 yrs, the most popular boy’s name is Jacob.


    the avos and imahos!

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    For males- Moshe, Dovid, Chaim

    For females- Esti, Rivky, Chaya, Chani, Sarah, Devorah


    BTW- none of those names listed are mine!


    Deja Vu, anyone?

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    My name:)




    In the frum jewish world

    girls: esther, rivka, rochel, sarah, chana

    boys: moshe, aharon, yaakov, yosef

    mohammed is one of the most popular names in the UK when they ignore all the spelling variations.


    According to the Social Security Admissions in 2009:

    Male: 1) Jacob 2) Ethan 3) Michael 4) Alexander 5) William 6) Joshua 7) Daniel 8) Jayden 9) Noah 10) Anthony.

    Female: 1) Isabella 2) Emma 3) Olivia 4) Sophia 5) Ava 6) Emily 7) Madison 8) Abigail 9) Chloe 10) Mia

    It’s interesting that a few of the boys names sound Jewish, but maybe one or two of the girls names sound Jewish.


    depending on your circles

    dati leumi world – emunah, moriah, hallel.tzofia,gefen.

    boys are amiel,yehonatan, netanel,dagan,har-el.

    the chareidi worlds are the names of the avos and imahos. including are names such as michal, shira, avivit.


    Why are names such as Gimpel, Getzel, Zerach (Zoorach), Shlumiel for boys and Shprintza, Dvosha for girls so rare?

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    metrodriver– on my husband’s side we have ka’h a bunch of Shprintzas, Frimchas, & Roizas ..

    I personally love those cousins (from Willi, Monroe, & Monsey). I was SUCH an obvious BT back in the day & they were always soo warm to me. I admit it was, @ first, very offputting to see the kupkas & shpitzels, but the ladies were very nice. thanks also to a great shvigger, A’H, & most charming, wonderful sister-in-law, as intermediaries. 🙂


    metro, Shlumiel? Seriously?

    I think there is an old thread on this same topic.


    LAer; Shlumiel (Ben Tzuri-Sha-Day) is a name mentioned in the Torah. So. I’m (genuinely) wondering why people stopped giving this name to their children?


    metro, if you pronounce it the (incorrect) Yiddish way, with the accent on the first syllable, you’ve got Shlumiel, as in “you’re such a shlumiel!” Sorta like naming your kid “Moron.”


    “I think there is an old thread on this same topic. “

    Here’s one that’s the opposite of this:

    Shticky Guy

    Metrodriver would you give your child any name from the torah?

    Would you name your child eg after descendants of shem: arpachshad or lud or aram?

    How about after sons of the shevatim: falu, chetzron, karmi, yachin, tzochar, tola, fuva, sered, yachle’el, shuni, etzbon, yishva, vriah, vecher, ashbel, mupim, chupim, ord, guni, shilem etc.

    Or nesi’im eg chelon, shdeur, tzurishado, elyasaf, pedatzur, achira, etc

    I’ll leave women’s names for another time


    my friend’s brother is named Elyasaf…I think its a stunning name!


    Shticky Guy: Most of those names are ones that sound strange to you simply because you aren’t used to them. Aram might be a problem because his descendents were reshaim. But what’s wrong with names like Chelon, Elyasaf, Charmi, Chur, Yehoshaphat, or Mishael?

    PS I can tell you exactly who all of those were without google or a Tanach in front of me.

    PPS I once knew an Elyasaf.


    Why are names such as Gimpel, Getzel, Zerach (Zoorach), Shlumiel for boys and Shprintza, Dvosha for girls so rare? “



    shticky guy; The first set of names (Mentioned in Sefer B’reshis) are not specific Jewish names, and therefore, it’s natural that most of them should not be used. But, the children of the Sh’vatim were named for specific events in their life. Also, most names that were popular in Tanaaic and Amoraic times are not in use today. Maybe that is why they sound strange to us. But, the question remains why they fell out of popularity. Also, the Tana R. Meir could learn the character of a person through his name. As is recounted in the Talmud.

    Shticky Guy

    Why are some names very popular while others are not.

    Take the Shevatim for example. Some of the most common names around today are shimon, levi, yehuda, naftali, asher, yosef and binyamin.

    But how many people that you know are called zevulun, dan or gad? Far less if any, isnt it. Whats the reason for this?

    Would anyone consider calling their son yishmael??

    Why do I ask? Cos there was an amora called reb yishmael ben elisha (as brought in the gemara of avraham fried’s song Tanya omar reb yishmael ben elisha).

    Why did elisha choose the name yishmael for his son? And why does nobody call their son yishmael after the heiliger amora reb yishmael?

    morah reyna

    My neighbor is named Mishael. I think it’s a great name. Why don’t we hear of MORE Daniels or Ezras or Zecharyas?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    there was an amora called reb yishmael ben elisha


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    He asked three questions.

    3) Why did a Jewish mother name her son Yishmael?

    Ken Zayn

    … the children of the shevatim were named for specific events in their life

    So were the Avos and shevatim themselves all named after specific events yet we use their names regularly. Yitzchok because of metzachek, yakov cos he was holding on eisav’s heel, and the shevatim’s names are all explained in the pesukim. I dont know what makes some names popular while others arent.


    Most of the names Metro mentioned went out of service because they became embarrassing. They became embarrassing because people used them mockingly.

    While I can agree that Elyasaf and Yehoshafat are very nice names, none of my grandparents had such a name.


    names from the avos and imahos are much more common than “yiddishe” names(eg. leiby,gitty,faigy,hershy..) because they are given by all sects of yidden.

    Ken Zayn

    Daas yochid thanx tons for that dvar torah it was very very beautiful and explained why reb yishmael’s mother was happy to call her son yishmael. It doesnt explain why nobody else does!

    What I also found amazing was that you said he gave that dvar torah cos there was no sefer available only a siddur; as if reb yonasan eibeshutz who knew shas & poskim by heart needed a sefer to look in! He was just such an anav!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Actually, I abbreviated the story; as I originally heard it, the prospective shver said he would farher him by having R’ Yonoson say a shtickel torah on a random page opened in a random sefer, and the inn where they met had only a siddur.


    I know a Zevulun. My son’s middle name is Dan.

    I know a few Elyasaf’s, Elyashivs and one Yochai.

    I recommend not giving your child a popular name. My sister’s name is Chani and she was one of 9 in her class. 9! Made it hard and confusing especially because most were really good friends.

    Jack Daniels

    my father has a friend that was born in the zechus of reb shimon bar yochai,the problem was their last name was shimon so they called their son bar yochai-shimon.


    Well in lubavitch circles: Boys are Mendy,Mendel,and Menachem. Girls are Chaya,Mooshkie,and Mooshka. In Satmer circles: boys are Yoel,and Yoily.


    In my class of 10, 7 had names that start with “Y”. I was one of the 3 that didn’t.


    Shticky Guy

    ” But how many people that you know are called zevulun, dan or gad? Far less if any, isnt it… “

    SJSinNYC: I know a Zevulun. My son’s middle name is Dan.

    I know a zevulun also, and have 2 cousins called Dan (not Daniel). I just said its far less common than the other shevatim for some as yet unexplained reason.


    I had six Rochels in my elementary class as a girl and seven malkys in my hs class. Boy was that confusing!! good thing some had nicknames like rachelli,ruchi,rochi or malkala…

    Shticky Guy

    Absolutely true story: My cousin began teaching in Satmar boys school and on her 1st day she said Yoeli please stand up. 11 boys stood up!!!


    dont they call boys by their last name in certain grammer schools? in israel they do ,probably for that reason, (religious schools) so 11 yoieli’s do not stand up at the same time.

    Shticky Guy

    Re yishmael, of course reb yishmael was a tanna not amora, silly me. He actually wasnt the only tanna with that name either. And the longest serving kohen gadol who held his position for 80 years and went lifnai v’lifnim into the kodesh hakadashim 80 times on yom kippur was reb yishmael kohen gadol.

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