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    Y.W. Editor

    Thanks for moderating mother.

    Sweet of you 🙂


    Hey editor: What about to your aunt? :}

    YW Moderator-42

    ..and your uncle?


    I always figured this was some kind of family regime… 😉


    I hope all the mommies here had a lovely day. My kids came over with their respective babies, and I really had time to shep nachas. Lovley way to spend my day, and especially since my grandson who is almost ready for his upsherin is at the “I love you, Bubby,” stage. There is nothing, repeat NOTHING as yummy and wonderful and life affirming as having my grandchild climb into my lap to read him a dozen stories and then have hug and kiss me a million times. What miracles these children are! In some ways, even more recognizably so now that I am the GRANDparent. Thank You, Hashem!

    YW Moderator-72

    everyday all day and half a night I sit here on my rocking chair sipping coffee and moderating. all I can say is come father’s day your dear old great-grandpappy expects better than an informal wish on the site – I expect a visit and maybe a little plum juice.


    oomis, you’re so cute

    If I only had a nickel for every time I’ve heard THAT before… 😉 (thanks)


    sorry mom, i’m a little late to wish ya happy mother’s day! but better late then never!

    ha! i actually was a good son & chipped in with the family for a peice of jewelry for my mom! & i got her a nice card!

    Jewish Thinker

    Happy Mother’s Day 2015

    Little Froggie

    Can never know if she’ll (‘Mommy’) be following me on this one too, but hey, you never know. So…

    My every day is my mother’s day. May Hashem continue to ‘betnch’ you and ‘Tatty’ with much health, nachas (yeah, money too.. it won’t hurt), at least until 140 (compensation for those rough ones).

    How do you say, write, convey a thank you for your very existence in mere words. How do you express gratitude to the one who bore, carried, fed (no easy task), cleaned (again, no easy feat), soothed, comforted, schooled, taught, trained, educated all with a SUPER abundance of patience, endurance. Middos, Hashkafah, general mentchlichkite, such fond memories… all in a manner only a loving mother can convey.

    Nope, regretfully, I wasn’t of regular mold, I gave my parents a run (dash) for the little money there was. How many times did I hear, by the change of guard “Oy, what I day Froggie gave me.. I’m zonked with a migraine.. please take over”.

    By now, I’ve tamed much, I’ve stopped barking, last time I took a good byte was quite a long time ago. All to my Mommy’s credit, she ‘Brained’ me good, with Sechel Hayashar, a good dose of motherly intuition and true compassion. (How much do I owe you for all those broken brush handles?) ??? ??? ??????…

    ?????? ?????, your tears (oohh I just know how many), my tears (ouch). Hopefully by now ???? ??????, may you “Shep Nachas” from me, from the other (better) ones, Einiklach and “Ur Einiklach”.


    Loving Little Froggie


    Why would anyone have a problem with a holiday that teaches hakaros hatov?

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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