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    some years the first pie goes for thousands of dollars what has this world come to!!!!!!!

    you’ve managed the whole yom tov without chametz you cant manage another hour??????????


    At least those thousands of dollars are going to tzedaka. I don’t think anyone would pay if it weren’t.


    I just did a google search.

    I only found one on sale. It was Benny’s in queens on union tpke. they were auctioning it for charity.

    It had one day left and was still pretty low. Like 28 bucks total.


    i think ppl would buy it regardless of whether or not it went to tzedakah

    am yisrael chai

    I remember volunteering after Pesach to help a woman in BP change over to chometz…took the kids to a pizza shop there, where the proprietors GAVE OUT NUMBERS, there were so many customers!!!!!

    What a culture shock!


    i remeber in past years the price was in the thousands it cud be they dont do it anymore


    I Think its retarted 4 someone 2 pay $1000 4 a stupid pie of pizza!!!


    its so ridiculous. one time i went at like 1230-1 and it was empty that was fine! i have no problem having matzah pizza after yuntif!


    i just eat the leftovers…we’ll have the chometz in the morning!


    One famous store in Flatbush auctioned their first pie off a few years ago for Chai Lifeline and we won it.(was only for about $50) Was about half raw- but at least money went to tzedaka!


    Like many things, I think this is silly… but ultimately harmless. I would never do it, but if this is the worst thing we have to complain about, then we’re doing pretty good.

    The Wolf


    People can’t manage without pizza for 9 days? How often do you eat that stuff?


    i wonder if these people really eat pizza every 8 days that they must have this slice of pizza as soon as pesach is over! i think its ridiculous! pesach is not supposed to be that you think of the chometz you could eat! its supposed to be that you think and talk about yetzias mitzrayim and you thank hashem for all the nisim he did there!

    this pizza business is really sad!


    i think its nuts but like wolf said you cant make a big deal about everything! But yes ppl do take it out of proportion. The last few years we bought bread/rolls in a local bakery right near my house. we went as soon as everything was all cleaned up (around 1 am) and came home about half and hour later with fresh hot bread! that is the way to do it!


    Usually the profit goes to tzedaka. I don’t do it but don’t think its a big deal.


    I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would spend thousands without it going to tzedaka. I actually heard that a guy who won the first pie walked into the pizza shop, gave a check for the correct amount, and walked out withOUT the pizza.


    The GR”A was makpid to make havdala on beer motzei pesach to show that the previous days we refrained due to a commandment from HKB”H. Who says anyone buying pizza motzei yom-tov is any different. It is all part of their avodas hashem.


    Who says anyone buying pizza motzei yom-tov is any different. It is all part of their avodas hashem.

    Pssst… Want to buy a bridge? I’m running a two for one special on East River crossings…

    The Wolf


    dunno- yeah thats usually what happens believe it or not. The ppl who think its “shticky” r the younger ppl who dont usually have all that available cash 4 tzedakah. And 4 all the other ppl- they will be constantly hocking about it, and how ridiculous it is etc. etc. (ahem) which is excellent advertising actually.



    I don’t need a bridge I prefer the tunnel. I also prefer to give everybody the benefit of the doubt (especially in ruchnious areas) and what do i care if this is what they do. It doesn’t hurt me, cost me anything or generally affect me in any way. Rabbi Reisman once said in one of his shiurim. When you see the lady walking down the street pushing her baby in a carriage and she is not dressed the way you think she should be, you should be thinking, Baruch Hashem look how wondeful the mother over there is taking care and raising yiddishe kinder.


    I like pizza


    well where you are living now, there is really not any good pizza.


    The gr”a did not stand in line for hours for his havdala beer after Yom Tov.


    I also prefer to give everybody the benefit of the doubt (especially in ruchnious areas)

    Within reason. I don’t think saying that everyone who rushes out to eat pizza after Pesach is doing it l’shem shamayim is reasonable.

    and what do i care if this is what they do.

    I don’t care either. But let the record reflect that YOU were the one who brought up their potential motivations, not I. As I said, it’s silly but harmless.

    The Wolf


    The pizzas that are baked for at least the first hour are raw because everyone is in a rush. It is fool’s dough.


    Of course the people eating pizza are not thinking about their avodas hashem and of course the gra didn’t wait on line for hours for his beer. However, what is clear from the gra is that the mentality of we shouldn’t be thinking about chametz over pesach, is clearly wrong. The gra specifically used beer to show that he actually wanted chametz all 8 days of pesach, and the only reason he didn’t eat chametz was because we’re not allowed to. This really gets back to the whole pepperoni pizza argument from a few months ago, and what came out over there is that most yw posters could care less what the gemara and rishonim say, they have their views instilled in them by their 1st grade rebbe, and no gemara or gra, or logic, will get in the way.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How early is it reasonably possible to have fresh pizza ready without working before Yom Tov is over? The (sold) dough needs to defrost.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    So the owner of the local pizza shop told me that he had pizza ready by 9:30. He made fresh dough while the frozen dough was defrosting.

    The bigger problem, he told me, is getting the oven hot, which takes a few hours. So he left it on for the whole Yuntiff.

    YW Moderator-72

    we just enjoyed a pizza from Eli’s Bagels and Pizza Garden in Spring Valley. Delicious!


    The Vaad of Queens doesn’t allow for the pizza shops / restaurants to open Motzei Chag – avoids the problem of owners who may not be frum from jumping the gun to have their pizza ready in record time. I think that its a wise idea and should be the norm all over. After all instead of running out to the pizza shops right after Havdala don’t we all need some time after Pesach to put away our dishes etc.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The Vaad of Queens doesn’t allow for the pizza shops / restaurants to open Motzei Chage

    Technically, they can open at 12, but in effect, it’s not worth opening.

    GG yekke

    I heard that Sefardim have a minhag to have “Chometz Parties” on Motzei Pesach to show, that the only reason why they didnt eat chometz over the last 8 days is because the torah says you are not allowed to – not b/c they dont like chometz.


    Mimouna, essentially a chametz party, was observed in Morocco.

    Mr Sfardi

    GG yekke: I sfardi and I never heard of that

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