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    We are a young couple whose time has come to leave Israel and move back to chutz la’aretz. We have two young children ka’h. We are interested in knowing about different communities and their services (ie. shuls, schools, mikvaos, restaurants) as well as cost of houses, rent and cost of living.


    it is a big shaila whether someone living in eretz yisroel is permitted to move out. also, many people who moved out have had things not turn out well.

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    Hello? Maybe they went only for a few years. Maybe they decided to live in E”Y for five years so the man can learn and then moved back to the states so that they can be closer to the parents. Hello?


    i agree with doodle.

    But def have your husband speak to his Rav as to decide where would be best for you to go. My friend’s husband did that and he foiund a job in Pennsylvania and they had mazel there for a couple of years but then moved back closer to her parents and are happier now too. The best would be to find a job first and then decide tpo move close to it that way you dont have to travel or get here and then find out you need to move again in order to get a job. figure out your top three priorities first and then go fdrom there. but again speak to your Rav

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    yogibooboo: You are so right. Always ask your Rav!


    Which communities would you consider?


    What are you and your spouse looking to do? What type of community you looking for? What were you doing in Isreal? etc?


    Have you tried Ner Le”Elef. You get paid for the program, then they help find you a position.


    There is also a wonderful program out there called Ohr La’agolah. I’m not sure if it still exists but they can help you out if you join their program.


    What type of community are you looking for? Big or small? out of town or NY area?



    Join Popa in Fairbanks, AK. It is a great community. I know everyone in the community by first name. Forget that, I know their cousins by first name.


    Popa you are lying. You live in Flatbush.

    Firstly, I don’t live in Flatbush.

    Secondly, it is not nice to call people liars.

    Thirdly, we in AK would never lie.


    popa wow! your fighting with yourself? how funny!lol!


    popa wow! your fighting with yourself? how funny!lol!

    We are not.


    We are.


    what does AK stand for?? arkansas???

    shlishi you may be The CR Bronze Medal Winner! but do u know what u r talking about??


    AK stands for Alaska, which is the state that Fairbanks is in.

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    Mod 80~ time for your google post, “how to look up state abbreviations’….. oyyyy


    Getting back to the original question…

    I think you may have the wrong idea of what life is all about, if your decision about where to live it is based on resteraunts.

    Shuls, Rabbonim, crowd, Shiurim, schools, salaries, transportation, ok.

    But resteraunts???

    Let’s say the city you find is perfect both for you and your spouse, but the resteraunt doesn’t carry Chinese, for that you’d rather go too a city where you’d be misrable???

    morah reyna

    Ohr Lagglah does still exist. You can contact Ohr Somayach and ask for Rabbi Levy or Rabbi Meyers.


    One of our children who lived in E”Y moved back to USA after 6.5 years. They settled in Boro Park near one of the parents. Yes, we did and are helping them partially. Our son is a serious learner, meaning he is not busy on a cellphone or driving a car and using a given credit card to spend money. He is in a pre morning Kollel,a day Kollel and evening Kollel which includes Fridays and Motzei Shabbos too. The kollel pay is fair. His wife is trying to build up a small business she had in E”Y. The question is what you consider yourself e.i. Litvish, Chassidish or some other.

    Are you discussing this issue with both sets of parents and see how they can help. Family input should be considered and is important and that means both sides.



    i think popa took chayav’s advice about having that stiff drink.

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