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    Do you play any?? and which




    What’s the difference bet sax trumpet and flute in terms of skill if u can one can u play the other


    i’ve always wanted to play the saxophone


    yes, the drums

    they rock!!!


    Piano, keyboard and guitar a little bit…. U can pick up the guitar just from knowing the piano..


    HaShem blessed me with many talents. Unfortunately, music was not among them.


    HiE: The sax is a recent arrival, it’s keywork was pattered after the modern flute, though it is a heavier touch and can be spread out further in the as in the baritone. It also involve a reed and reed care, where the flute is just an issue of embechure (mouth position and set.) The trumpet gets all it range from three valves and like other brass horns, lots of embechure.


    Guitar and a bit of keyboard. I just started picking up drums, too. Amazing stuff! Also I try chazzanus when nobody’s around.

    music lover 29, it’s true that keyboard helps you with guitar. That’s how I started out, with keyboard, and then when I started guitar, I sort of had a feel for the whole thing. It’s just a drop more painful to play guitar, especially when you start.


    Yeah, the tips of my fingers got such a beating!

    The most annoying part is if i don’t play for a bit, I lose the blisters and need to start all over again… My poor finger tips!


    That’s true about having to start over. But when you have been playing for a while, I believe it takes quicker to get back into it. It works for me.

    Also, you learn how to play so it doesn’t hurt as much. At the beginning, you need to press real hard. But when you have been playing for a while, you learn just how hard you need to press.

    I give lessons…


    musiclover 29; In my youth I was taught to play violin. The tips of my teacher’s fingers has visible callous pads with string indentations in them.


    I guess so, but sadly there’s not enough time in my day to play/practice enough…. haven’t picked up my guitar in quite a few months…

    Koma; as you play more and more, the callous pads keep the strings from indenting adn hurting… you just dont feel it anymore


    drums and a little guitar


    I wish I could do the drums. The issue is that I’m still at home and my mother won’t allow it. She claims they’ll give her a headache.


    and she’s right, my NEIGHBOR used to play drums and since are houses are attached so we got a headache and forsure in the same house

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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